11 Real ways you are killing your wife

Killing Your Wife

With the daily increase the statistics of divorce, one may be forced to believe that couples came together just to separate the next moment; but not not the case. The real truth is that many couple are always too busy to know when things start changing. As a man, if you indulge these things me things I mentioned here. Then you may be killing your wife unknowingly.

The best reason people get married is express the love they have for each other, grow and enjoy each other. Tweet this

However, most times, even in the mist of making things work properly for your marriage, you realize you are getting farther apart from each other. What are the reasons? You may ask.

Does your marriage happiness actually depend on your wives happiness?

Hear this! If you believe you are so much in charge in your marriage, then check yourself well before your marriage crumbles. You may be killing your wife unknowingly.

Why did I say that?

I found out from my research that marriage moves smoothly and becomes stronger, when you understand how to make your wife happy and it crumbles when your wife is not happy.

Dr Deborah Carr; A researcher from Rutgers University said this “The happier a wife is in her marriage, the more content the husband is whether he really is happy with the marriage or not”.

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This also is related to the fact that a wife tends to do more if she is satisfied with her marriage. The reason for this is that a happy wife is very willing to “aim to please”.

A happy wife will always try hard to create a more positive atmosphere for her spouse, she also provides emotional supports and she is also will offer to help the spouse with the daily activities.

Your happy wife will help to steady you when you are shaking, and will cheer you up when you are down in your spirit.

When a wife is not happy with the marriage, things becomes chaotic. Let me ask you this now; when was the last time you tried to do those things that will make your wife happy?


One thing is certain; if you think you are doing all you are supposed to do to make your marriage happy, and yet things are crumbling down faster than you know, then look back, there may be things you are doing that is destroying your wife, and also killing your wife without you knowing it. Tweet This

In this article, I want to help you discover those things you are unknowingly doing that is killing your wife and  destroying your marriage too, and also tell you what to do.

Here they are 🙂

11 Ways You Are Unknowingly Killing Your Wife

You are making other things come before her:

Women always want to know that you love them the way you did when you saw the first time.

Now you focus on your work, your laptop, your smart phone, you prefer staying outside with your friends than coming home to stay with your wife. There is one single expression that describes you.

You are married to your work, laptop or phone. Doing all those things clearly shows her that she is not important in your life and this is a good step to disaster.

Am not saying you should give up your work because of your wife, but always make her know that she is more important than that job, your job should not be at the expense of you own family .

Always make her feel more important. If two of you are doing a full time job, find a way to talk with each other during the day. Making these changes will give her more time to make other worthwhile investments that will prosper your marriage.

Comparison is another way of killing your wife

Do you always compare your wife with other women;maybe you didn’t know it is hurting her so much. Tweet This.

One day I was watching a movies; there was one woman in the movie that caught my attention (actress), I didn’t know when I opened my mouth to say that I love this woman; the only thing my wife said was ‘is she more beautiful than I?” that little statement alone made my wife to feel bad, notwithstanding that the actress is very far away from

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