Stay happy in marriage: 10 proven secrets to note.

3) Change your attitude towards your marriage:

Re-evaluating your attitude is very important if you want to stay happy in marriage.

You know yourself, you know your impact in your relationship. If you are affecting it positively, then go ahead, but if your attitude is causing more problems then it’s time to stop.

Try and change those attitudes you believed to be the reason for problems in your marriage.

For example, if your spending habit, drunkenness is making your partner feel bad, then it’s high time you stopped.

I know it may not be an easy task to break a habit, but you have to break the habit if that’s the only thing that will make you stay happy in marriage, wouldn’t you?

4) Be nice to your spouse: –

Many couples find it hard to be nice to their spouse, instead, they choose to be the best outside. Show appreciation towards each other. Your spouse should be your best friend.

Let their happiness be your priorities, buy gifts, send romantic messages, go on romantic dates.

Just think of what will put that smiles on their faces and do it. That happiness will add to their health and your marital success.

This will help in fixing the holes in your marriage.

5) Do not blame each other: –

If you are experiencing challenges in your marriage, do not put the blame on your spouse, because blames has never accomplished any good thing than to make the matter at hand worst.

Even when the fault is from your partner, I still advise you not to blame him/ her because it will keep you away from regrets and causing other harm to your partner and relationship.

Often we point fingers, not because we want to, but because we are stressed and not seeing but, you can yourselves to others when we realize it and stop immediately.

Stay Happy In Marriage

6) Enjoy quality times together: –

Spend more time together and enjoy every bit of your stay together. Make it a memorable one for the two of you. Forget about every other thing and put more attention to your spouse. Remember it is just the two of you together.

When you spend time together, you’ll have more opportunities to talk about so many things that matter in your relationship, things that will make both of you stay happy in marriage for a long time.

When you find and talk about what is not working or working, you able to bring solutions to the table and that will help your relationship grow.

7) Hold him/her to high esteem: –

I have heard a wife telling the husband that he is only good outside and not in the home. ” if your friends ask for anything, you don’t hesitate, but when I do, it takes you time to do” A wife was crying.

I am sure you have heard such too. She means that you are not making her your priority.

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