10 Real dangers of pornography to couples

Pornography reshapes our expectations and views about sex and attraction by creation ting unrealistic pictures in our minds.

Sex, unhappy marriage

7. Pornography Affects Your Way of Living:-

According to research,  any marriage where one partner is addicted to porn, usually, Experiences a decrease in sensitivity and intimacy another hand it promotes secrecy, anxiety, and isolation, and in a relationship.

When one partner starts isolating himself because of porn, there will be less time to spend together as a couple and less communication and then there will be a disconnect.

8. It Cause Divorce:-

Since Pornography has been proven to make it one y  for the consumer to have good loving relationships. It, therefore, ore a quick cause for divorce.

Research also proved that when you are fully exposed to porn, you start being critical about how your partner looks and how they display their affection. That also makes you start avoiding them as well.

9 It Breaks Trust in Relationship:

Pornography and secrecy go hand in hand, you will agree with me that whenever you want to watch porn materials, it is always at a secret place, and you make sure you wipe your browser history after that.

Studies show that prolonged porn consumption leads to distrust.

This happens when your spouse eventually finds out about your secrets, they feel betrayed and cheated.

It is better to be transparent than being deceptive and pornographic consumption won’t let you be transparent.

The best way to remain trusted and open is to quit.

10 It Makes You More Selfish:

Porn is designed to give you quicker satisfaction, and prolonged use of it makes you selfish during sex with your partner.

Your only concentration is to get yourself satisfied: your partner’s satisfaction doesn’t matter.

Experts say that when it gets to the point of taking more instead of giving in a relationship, the relationship won’t last.

My question now is-

What then is the need for porn if it will jeopardize your relationship?.


Avoid pornography in your relationship if you don’t want to experience l  the dangers I listed in this post. if you are married, then knowing the dangers of pornography to couples will be the best decision to take at this moment.

Read this post carefully and do everything you should to avoid bringing problems to your marriage or relationship.


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