10 Most obvious signs of a failing marriage

Many relationships failed because the couples didn’t see the signs or they neglected the signs until it became enormous, and eventually overwhelm the relationship.
Study also shows that the best solution to any problem is earlier detection. If you detect what the signs of a failing marriage are early, you will be able to deal with them fast.
Below are the signs you should be on the watch out for that can destroy any relationship.
Although some of them are so subtle and may not show up fast, others are too enormous and you can quickly see them.
However, you can’t deal with them if you refuse to act fast.
To save your marriage from failing, quickly follow this post to identify those common problems and how to prevent them from harming your relationship.
Let’s dive in.

Unhappiness in marriage, happy marriage

The Most Obvious Signs Of A Failing Marriage.

1) You are lonely in your relationship:

Loneliness is the commonest problem among couples across the globe, and that’s a big sign of problems in marriage.


According to Rachel A. Sussman,” loneliness is an indication of major marital woes.” Many people feel marriage will complete them, but that’s a lie.


What does it mean to be lonely in marriage?

This means different things to different people. If you feel unloved, unheard, and disconnect from your partner, that shows you are lonely.


You may be close together and still feel disconnected, there is no physical or mental intimacy between you and your partner. And you don’t relate with each other, but outsiders believe you do.


Few things may be the cause of that:

– Emotional issues:


Sometimes, stress and depression can cause loneliness in marriage. You can see a doctor or a therapist if you notice this in your life, so you can rid it from your life before hooking up.


– incompatibility:

This is another thing that can bring loneliness to your relationship. Incompatibility leads to intolerance, resentment, impatience, and unhappiness. When you enter any relationship you will feel lonely all your life.


– Past experiences:

It may come from your past relationships and events and not from your partner. Look closely to find the real cause and then deal with it.


– No Together Time:

You are not spending more time together. Couples who spend time together find time to settle their differences and discuss the best ways forward. When it’s neglected, it causes a disconnect and then loneliness sets in.


– Terrorizing and Bullying:

You are constantly afraid to express yourself in your relationship because when you do you will be molested. Your partner abuses and bully you at any little chance, so you want to keep your peace to avoid being molested.


Signs of a failing marriage, failing marriage

How to cure loneliness in marriage:

Solve the underlying issues: Find a time and discuss with your partner and settle all your problems. First, discover what they are and work on dealing with them at once. If you let it linger for long it will cause so many problems in your relationship.


Restore the good times: Think about all that made you happy at the beginning of your relationship and restore them. I mean the romantic dated, the romantic text messages and calls. Do not neglect sex and romance.


2) No Honesty:

Some couples withhold vital information from themselves to avoid trouble when the information is late let out, it becomes a disaster.


Marriage is supposed to be a free zone for couples. Remember your promises to be committed to your partner and your marriage when you said your wedding vows.


You can only do so when you are transparent and honest with your partner.


Honesty leads to love and commitment, but dishonesty destroys love and trust and builds a wall between you.


Solutions to dishonesty:

Learn to be open and honest, discuss with your partner, and keep working with each other to build a healthy relationship.


3) You Don’t Fight Anymore:

I know it sounds absurd but sometimes lack of fight is a clear indication that things are not right anymore.


Healthy couples are not afraid to fight because it helps then move forward as partners.


They talk things out in person. The couples who fight often are likely to live happily after than those who push difficult matters under the carpet to avoid a fight.


Many couples think it is better to avoid talking about important issues to prevent arguments, but that’s a big mistake.


The risk of not speaking up is worst than speaking out because when you speak your mind, you fight and then you settle the matters and move on with your relationship.


Fighting is good

It gives you the opportunity to express your emotions and feelings and after that, there are also rooms for resolution. It also shows you are committed to your relationship.


4) You Don’t Have Sex Anymore:

Sex is important in every relationship, though it is not everything, it is expected that every couple should have sex to keep the bond strong.


Although there are certain health conditions that can stop you from having sex, however, when it becomes a conscious decision then it’s a problem.


So many marriages are sexless and when sex is avoided for a long time it results in a lack of intimacy or romance.


“Intimacy is the only thing that differentiates your marriage from your other relationships.’ Says Megan Fox Fleming’s Ph.D. and Jane Greer who is a relationship expert says that lack of physical affections likes kissing or hugging is also indicative of real problems.


Try all you can to improve sex in your marriage to avoid the trouble.


5) You cheat Emotionally:

When you find yourself thinking, chatting, calling, and spending more time emotionally with someone that is not your partner, that’s a clear sign of a failing marriage.


You may be having an emotional affair and still not count it as a serious issue, but it’s really an affair too.


Technology has made it easy to share your feelings to someone that is not your partner through chat or call and still not feel guilty about that.


You probably think it’s not wrong since your partner doesn’t care to know.


These are clear signs of a failing marriage and if your partner finds out it will lead to serious marriage problems.


Heal your marriage, successful marriage

6) You Always Think Of The Future Without Your Partner:

You fantasize about spending time alone or with your children without your partner in the picture.


If things are right, all your thoughts about the future will be of you and your partner with having a nice time together. That shows that you have detached emotionally from your partner.


” Having a future that doesn’t include your partner is a big sign of fall out of love.” Turndorf.


If you feel the way I described above, it’s important you see a therapist to help you sought things out or call your partner for a heart to heart and then fix your issues.

7) You Cheat Physically:

Emotional infidelity is bad, but physical infidelity is worse. Cheating is a big threat to every relationship. If you have plans to cheat on your partner you are kindling fire that will destroy yours.


If you have not cheated but considering it, you better quit unless you want to destroy your marriage.

8) You don’t Share Things In Common:

When you and your partner don’t spend time together, it’s a red flag of a deteriorating relationship. Both of you are under the same roof but you have other things occupying your time than spending it together.


You have no time to communicate and share your daily feelings and thoughts. Those are the things that create a bond in a relationship; when it disappears, your relationship becomes sour and heading to chaos.


To prevent it from harming your marriage, you should put more effort into spending and communicating with your partner. You can as well see a relationship counselor for help.


Signs of a failing marriage


9) You Argue Over The Same Thing Repeatedly:

When you find yourselves arguing over the same thing every time, when your quarrels become a routine without a solution, it’s a problem.


You should see a marriage counselor for help because when it continues like that, time will come when you will decide to keep quiet to avoid a quarrel. That’s the worst of the situation.


10) No Plans To Get Help:


Getting help or seeing a marriage therapist is not a crime and doesn’t mean your marriage is failing. It is better you see a therapist and get your problems solved than keeping quiet and watch the problems sink your marriage.


A professional can help you get your relationship back on track because they are trained for that. Moreover, when both of you are not ready to seek help, your relationship will eventually be destroyed.



Seeing the signs of a failing marriage doesn’t make a marriage fail. Your marriage will fail when you see those signs and neglect them. If you know what the sign is, and try all you could alone or with your better half, you will see changes.


It is also imperative to look for help if need be and finally, get committed to your relationship and be ready to make sacrifices that will be beneficial to your relationship.



Which of these points would you try first? Be ready to share with us in the comment section.





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