Top Eight Secrets to Staying Happy In Your Marriage for the Rest of Your Life

It is one thing to be married, and it is another thing to staying happy in your marriage for the rest of your life.
There is always going to be problems and challenges in every marriage. Even those you called best couples usually have their fair share of speed bumps. However, the difference between that happy marriage and the one that ended in divorce is that while the former choose divorce to be the best option in resolving the conflict in their marriage, the former considers fixing their marriage and getting it bubbling again.
Fixing a marriage is always the best option for you; if you should look back and think about the good times you shared with your spouse in the earlier stage of your marriage. I usually advice my clients to try and recite those marriage vows again and again, may be that will help to bring back the memories.
Bellow is the list of things you will try to inculcate in your marriage, if you want to remain happily married for the rest of your life.
Think about what you want for your marriage: – If you are really serious about fixing your marriage and staying happy in your marriage, then the first thin to do is to know exactly what you want. Get a journal, invite any of you best friends that you can confined in or even a private counselor and try to figure out all the things you believe to be the reasons for the problem in your marriage / relationship.
Get committed in making it work: – It is not just about writing down the things you want to achieve in your marriage, but committing yourself in working with it until you succeed in fixing your marriage. Get to work now, start implementing it and little by little, you will start seeing changes.
Change your attitude towards your marriage: – Re-evaluating your attitude is very important if you want to stay happily married. Try and change those attitudes you believed to be the reason for problems in your marriage.
Be nice to your spouse: – Many couple finds it hard to be nice to their spouse, instead they choose to be the best outside. Show appreciation towards each other. This will help in fixing the holes in your marriage.
Do not blame each other: – If you are experiencing challenges in your marriage, do not put the blame on your spouse instead find a way to say to yourself” I am ready to fix this, because you are committed to making your marriage a better one again”.
Enjoy quality times together: – Spend more times together and enjoy every bit of your stay together. Make it a memorable one for the two of you. Forget about every other thing and put more attention to your spouse. Remember it is just the two of you together.
Hold him/her to a high esteem: – Treat your spouse the way you will expect him/her to treat you back. Do not allow any other thing to take the care you are supposed to give to your spouse away.
Say yes when what you mean is yes: – Try to be the best you can be to your spouse. Make him/her trust you more by becoming trust worthy. Do not make the promises you will not make any plan to fulfill. It pays to make your yes be yes and your no a no.


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