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The Marriage Sweeteners: 7 Things that will make any Marriage Sweet

Do you want your marriage sweet again? Now think about the marriage sweeteners that am going to share with you in this article. I am sharing this article because I have seen the difference between a sweet and a biter marriage. And I am so much interested in seeing your own marriage...

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11 things I wish someone told me before I got married.

Before I share this with you, I wish to tell you a little story about what prompted me to marry in the first place. Back in the day while I was still in the high school, I use to visit some family friend with my parents and sometimes with my...

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30+ highly sought after Happy Marriage Recipes you have never tried before.

Recipe for building a happy marriage is a very vast topic on the internet. It start from communication, trust, love getting committed, having a day or week out as partners.Here in happymarriagebuilder.com, we have done so much to cover various useful recipes that you require to build and sustain your...

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How to Have a Happy Marriage with an alcoholic you love

Getting married is what everybody wants to do. But no one desires to have an alcoholic as a husband. What if you are already married to one and you are asking if is possible to have a happy marriage with the alcoholic you love? My answer is yes!and I am...

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