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A Happy Marriage tips: Tips on how you can have a Very Passionate Marriage by Keeping Love and Intimacy Alive.

images2This article is to show you how you can have a very passionate marriage, and how you can keep intimacy hot and alive in your marriage for ever.

This is obviously the best result any couple can have in their marriage. Everybody prays for it.

This thing called intimacy is naturally alive when the marriage is still young and fresh, but how to sustain it is one of the things every couple must try to know about. However, if you are here now and reading this very article, then you are on your way to having that love and joy sustained forever in your marriage and this will surely make your marriage a strong and a more passionate one.

What do you usually think when you visited a friend and you find both couples laughing, kissing, cuddling, and calling each other sweet names?

Now consider this also; you went to a friend’s house, and each time it is one augment or the other if not fighting.

Let me tell you one of my experiences

I went with one of my friends to a wedding in their car one day; on our way back from the wedding, a little argument erupted which made my friend to pack his car on the road and dug it out with the wife there and them. All my moves to separate the fight proved abortive that I had to invite the police to help out.

Now tell me, which of the two marriages would you want to be associated with?

Let me answer for you.

The passionate one of course!

You are asking me how I knew your mind. I did because that is what everybody would want and I want it too. So that is how I know you will want it too.

So let’s go on now and show how you too can have and sustain the passion in your marriage.

What do I mean by passionate marriage?

Passionate marriage is the type of marriage where both couples are happy with each other and they prove it through there kisses, holding on of hands, cuddling and the whispering of those words like “ I love you”

In this type of marriage, everyone involved is always committed to making each other relaxed and happy at all time.

Both couples are also not tied to being there for each other, both in time of happiness, but also In those times when all seem to be at the cross road.

Any couples that have passions they share together are always engrossed in their passion that they don’t usually care about the age or other differences. You can’t help to see yourself falling in love with this couple wherever of whenever you see them.

From my experiences, I have found out that one of the problems in marriage is lack of passion. If you really want to avoid that pain of your spouse cheating on you because you are boring, then you must find passion to share together.


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3 Proper Steps to Building a Passionate Marriage

Be Emotionally Available

You can never achieve your aim of building a passionate marriage if you are not emotionally available to do so. First and foremost, you must be sure to make your marriage or your relationship to be the very first priority to you. Let all you think about become the ways to be committed in your spouse better and happy at all times.

Never have grudges or resentments against your spouse. Always have a plan to hold, touch and kiss your spouse. Make new advances to him or her. Tell him or her about those beautiful dresses he/ she is wearing Remember everyone loves validations. Share stories about books read our other stories, play hide and seeks and give surprise gifts.

Forget the Past and Move Forward:

There may be past event in your life that has made you to always want to keep people at your arms length. Your spouse may have wronged you in the past that you find it hard to forgive and trust. May be you were raised in a family that made you feel distrustful of affection. Whatever may be the reason, just forget it and move forward with your life.

Constantly Admire Your Spouse: –

One thing you must understand is that no one is perfect in this life, but people want you to tell them that they are good or you can highlight mostly on those things they did well. Look at those little work your spouse has help you done in the house and tell him/her they where very nice. If there are other domestic works you want him/ her to help you out in, remind him/her of the other ones he did perfectly and then ask him/her if he could do some more .

Remember these will help you build up a passionate type of marriage.

I hope this article will help you.

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Happy marriage tip:Ways to build and sustain trust in your marriage

The presence of trust in any marriage is the evident that the marriage will be a happy one and will last very much longer.

If you think you have tried everything to make your marriage stronger the way it used to be and have not achieved your aim, then you must try building trust. It is the most fundamental way of bringing growth and happiness to any crumbling marriage.

Most marriages that crumbles did so because they lack this fundamental thing called trust Once trust starts lacking in any relationship, then the relationship is bound to tear apart in a matter of time.

These are some important ways to build back trust in your marriage

Be Honest

Never hide anything from your spouse. Always remember that one day those things that are hidden will be revealed.

Having secret brings destruction to trust, Once your partner knows you hid something from him or her, it usually look the same as lying to him also. People detest lies. My wife is number one of them.

One of the secrets she thought me that made my marriage to become a powerful one is to say the truth at all times and in all things. Lies require another lie to cover up. That is why I think it’s better to devote more time in building your family than building secrets and lies.

Ask for forgiveness all the time.

Whenever trust is broken in a relationship that means one of the people involved has gone astray. If you are the one, the most important thing you must do in other to gain the trust and confidence back is to ask for forgiveness. Let the request come from the innermost part of your heart.

Never deem it a hard task to repent of your wrongs and ask for forgiveness.

Never Promise Without fulfilling it.

You made so many promises to your spouse and never fulfilled it. Your spouse asked you to help fix the light in the kitchen and you promised to do so, and yet you did not. You even promised to get some important things she needed for herself and yet for more than one month you refused to do it.

All these will affect the trust and the next day when you make a promise and know in your heart that you will fulfill it, your spouse will definitely take it as one of those promises.


When you breached trust in your marriage, then you must try and do those things that will make your spouse know that you have truly repented from the mistakes and have changed.

The first thing for you to do when you fall victim of distrust is to make plans to rebuild it. Consider the areas you failed in and promise never to fail again.

Tell your spouse to be on the lookout on you. Let him or her know he can hold you accountable by your promises to change.

Never Give Up:

It is usually not a day job to build trust back whenever it is broken. It is definitely easy to destroy than to build. It will take time to believe that you are actually working on building trust. This is why you will never give up the fight even when it looks like things are not changing.

Hope this helps.

Your murphaik