How to successfully Create your Soulmate from your current spouse

happy marriage, soul mateAll marriages are not created equal, while some pass through a tough hurdle and remain strong, most others dies off when there’s a little challenge .


The difference between the two marriages is just the ability to take a little step further in building a stronger relationship with your partner.


In this post, I will show you how to build a tight bond in your marriage and how you can successfully create your soul mate with your current spouse.

So many couples have longed to get to this level in their marriage and never did.


But in this post you will see how to get there.


Who or what is a soul mate?


The Wikipedia describes a soul mate as a person with whom someone has a deep or natural affinity, which may involve similarly, love, connection, intimacy, sexuality, trust as well as compatibility.


I love how the American writer Richard Bach described it.

He said that  “A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are.”


He is simply letting us know that having a soul mate as your better half is far more interesting that having a life partner.

Here is why he said this:


A soul mate will come into your life to enrich it greatly, encourage you to be the best you can, and do whatever is needful to take you to the highest stages of life.


That’s the type of spouse you want isn’t it.


Granted you can create a soul mate out of your partner by doing the things I will share in this post.

Here they are : ))

How to successfully create your soul with your current spouse.


It begins with Increasing the emotional intimacy of your relationship:-

Wikipedia describes emotional intimacy ” Emotional intimacy is an aspect of interpersonal relationships that varies in intensity from one relationship to another and varies from one time to another, much like physical intimacy . … Affect, emotion and feeling may refer to different phenomena.


To me, Emotional intimacy means a level of closeness that exists between two people that they feel secured and and completely home with each other.


This level of closeness don’t just happen, it develops gradually till it stands.


And it requires a continuous learning about each other daily and doing whatever is needed to make each other happy.

It’s important in all marriages, in fact no couple can do without it, if they want to stay happy and remain married for a longer time.


Nothing kills a marriage than emotional distance.

So if you feel there’s no closeness again, you need to do something now.

Question is: =))

How do you increase this emotional intimacy in your own relationship.

Here’s How : – ))

– Spend more time together:- One of the ways you can prevent your marriage from failing is to spend more time together.

It is not about the duration of time spent that matters, but the quality of time spent.

In one of my posts 15 minutes a day just to improve your relationship,

I shared how you can achieve a lot by spending just 15 minute with your spouse.

Research show that most marriages fails because couples lacks connection.

It is only through spending time together that husband and wife has time to discuss about the ways forward to their family.

If you have not been spending time together, then it’s time to start is.Refer to my book for more guidance.


Recognize your time apart also: In as much as you should spend time together, it’s also important to spend time apart from each other.


You will agree with me that too much time together sometime makes you feel a kind of suffocated that you’ll find yourself craving for just a little moment to find air again.


Times apart gives every partner the time to pursue his/ her personal interests, maintain the individual identify, gives you opportunity to miss each other once more and more space to pursue and achieve your goals.


Although we all have different needs when it comes to the amount of time we desire to spend as couples or apart from each other, but there’s need to learn and respect your different needs and so it is imperative to come together and talk about how to create a balance that will suit the both of you.

soul mate

Maximize Your Similarities,and Appreciate Your Differences:- Another important way of to energize your relationship is to learn to know that you and your partner comes from different parents, states and sometimes different ethnic group, and so there must be other differences.


Understanding both the difference and similarities is what will add color to the way you live together.


When you were still dating, everything were exciting and new.

At those times, there was no problem when it comes to going another mile to accommodate your spouses mistakes.


Sometimes you overlooked so many things too.


However, after a long time those feelings starts to wear off.

Your eyes are more open now to see those flaws, those things that didn’t bother you initially are now your greatest headache.


But if you want to create a soul mate with your current partner, then I implore you stop now and see what the differences are as well as the similarities.


Take another look at the personalities of your better half and yours to know the differences.


May be he likes more salt and chilies in the soup and you don’t etc.

Understanding this will help you appreciate both the differences and similarities, as that will help you stop fighting over how difference you are.

I suggest you take a personality test to understand what you both are made of.

Keirsey sorter’s tool found on the internet can be of great help to do that.

The personality test will help you know how you love to exist in this world.

After that, then make a decision to get to a point where you can show respect to your individual differences and find out what works for both of you, and also accept the difference in the personality and cease from condemning your better half’s personality.

Learn to give and receive pleasure :-

Quote on pleasure by voltire

“Pleasure is the object, duty and the goal of all rational creatures”.

Marriage works better when couples understands the act of giving and receiving pleasure.

Understand that it is not a one way thing.

Many couples believe its only the husbands right to give while the wife received love, but that’s not right.


When you look closely at any marriage that’s successful, you will discover that both couples take turn in giving and receiving pleasure.


Because when you receive pleasure , you are giving your partner the opportunity to give and vice versa, and that brings a balance to sex in marriage.


The misconception here is that people think the are yielding to the “culture of narcissism” when they surrender and embrace pleasure. But that’s a lie.


Sexual pleasure becomes more excited when we stop worrying about who gives and who received.

If you want to be the receiver, be ready to have the whole of it and don’t for any reason feel selfish.


So to increase the sexuality of your marriage, never be afraid to take up the role of the giver and also give it freely don’t withhold anything, while your partner receives with “abandon “
However, always remember that it is better to give than to receive.


Having this in your consciousness always will make you want to give always. And if both of you becomes givers, then a full sexual pleasure will be reached easily.


I implore you and your partner to talk to yourselves about how to get the best of sexual pleasure.


Feel free to tell him/her your sexual hot spots. Don’t be ashamed to ask or tell about yours, and make sure he/she understands.


Understanding this principles of giving and taking sexual pleasures will help improve your love life, and also take your marriage from friendship to soul mate level.


Finally:– I you really want to make your marriage move from better half level to soul mate, then you have to take your time and work on it by following some points i listed in this post.

Marriage is about daily nurturing, if you fail to do the needful, then you will not get where you want to be.






5 Toxic behavior that creates a disconnect between you and your wife.

Love, disconnect in marriageIf your once a happy marriage starts going sour all of a sudden, don’t blame it on the witches or anybody.


If you you take your time to look inside, you may be convinced that the fault is all from you.


Some times we do things that hurts our relationships without even knowing.


There are 5 toxic behaviors that are capable of causing a disconnect between you and your better-half.


In this post I will show you what they are and how to avoid them.


A time came in my marriage that I asked my wife to list some of my behavior that repels her, and I was shocked to see an endless list.

You can do the same too. However, if these 5 behaviors still exists in you, then don’t be surprised when you see your spouse avoiding you.

nagging husband1) You are a nag:- If you are such that likes to murmur, criticize, shout, yell, condemn etc, then you are a nagging husband / wife and your partner will never want to get close to you at any time and that brings a disconnect both physically and emotionally.
I bet this is not what you want in your Marriage.


The fact is that sometimes we don’t know we are nagging, but when you find yourself desiring people to do things the same way you want it, then you are in the game.


The truth is you are trying to make things work out the way you want it, but to the other partner, it’s a command (nagging) and no one wants to be commanded.


Most times its poor communication that leads to that, and constantly nagging your spouse means you don’t trust her /him, and you don’t think about his/her feelings too.


Here is a checklist of 6 ways nagging destroys a relationship

– It brings quarrel:- The reason that you always want things to be done your way will always bring quarrel and that brings avoidance and a disconnect.

– Poor or no communication
– Both of you becomes enemy.

How to stop nagging :-

One way to stop nagging is to always see the good side of him/her.


Comparison in marriage2) Comparison:-My wife is not the outgoing type, wow! how I wish my marriage is as happy as Mr Williams, my husband can never help me keep the house clean like Mrs Johnson’s husband, my wife is fond of keeping her hair lose, she should learn how to pack it sideways like that woman next door.


If you find yourself talking like that, then you are full of comparison and it can hurt your spouse and kill your relationship.

From science research, comparison was found to be the source for jealousy, envy, depression and can as well destroy your ability to trust.


If comparison can breed all these, then why do you still indulge in it?

Everyone is unique and every marriage is unique too. what works for others may not work for you: Just be contented with who or what you have and move forward.


busy husband3) Coming home with your business :- You leave early to work everyday and come back late also: so why do you still come home with your work?


It’s possible there’s need to do one or two checks on you business at home, but that should not be at the expense of the time you spend together as spouse.


Couples time is important, because that’s when you discuss about how to move family forward.


So forget about business when at home and have a nice time together if you want your marriage successful.


busy husband and wife4) You are married to your gadgets:- Technology has brought joy to the world, bit it has also brought division in relationships.

In almost every marriage now, you see each partner holding his/her Android phone laptop, iPad, iPod or other devices. All these though they are good, but they bring distractions to our relationships.


It hinders communication and that brings a disconnect also.

So if you have the habit of pressing you laptop, phone or iPad, you are only causing damage to your relationship. Learn to off it sometimes and pay attention to what your spouse want to say.


5) Pride and Ego:- You are too full of yourself. No one is equal to you, both your spouse.

Frankly, Ego and pride has destroyed so many marriages, because it prevents good communication and closeness.


However, relationship thrives well where there is compromise and understanding.

Too much pride and Ego can only destroy your relationship because it will make you less compassionate and keep people away from you.


So to avoid your spouse preferring to stay alone instead of coming close to you, put off your garment of ego.


Conclusion:- A great attitude they say is like a perfect cup of tea  so if your attitude is not good enough, then you are missing that perfect coffee.

Remember, bad attitude can hurt your relationship, but a good attitude will help to make your relationship successful.


See you at the Top.

From your friend Murphyaik.

First Christmas as couple: 8 ways to enjoy it well together

happy marriage, couplesIf you are a newlywed and you are looking to know how you can celebrate this your Christmas together as couples, then this article is specifically for you and in a little moment from now I will show you how to do just that.

Celebrating your first Christmas together as a couple could be one of the best thing and the best romantic moment every newlyweds will seek to have.

You can read about ways to have a good date with your wife

The reason is that everything is new and just as the virgin land is, you. will have the opportunity to create new and exciting rituals together.

Every Christmas, parents, brothers, sisters and in-laws love to have their newlyweds spend much time taking part in their own rituals like special church services, parties and other functions, and that left the couple with even less time to have to themselves.

If your own Christmas is booked by your family as I have described earlier, then this article will reveal some way to enjoy your celebration together.

Here is the ways to go about it .

first christmas as couples

   How to spend your first Christmas as Husband and Wife.          

1 Remember what Christmas is all about: – In the mist of the preparation about the celebration, it is impertinent you take some time together and read more about Christmas is all about.

Get your Bible and start searching and studying about the birth of Christ, think about the impact it has in your life .

Start reading from the book of Luke chapter 2, then read Mathew 1and 2. you’ll be more enlightened about Christmas and as you are reading, try to see it in the perspective of husband and wife as you read the story of Joseph and Mary.

Remember the celebration should not be cloud your understanding that the season of Christmas is about the gift God brought to us. Isaiah chapter nine verses 6: For to us a child is born, to us a son is given and the government should be upon His shoulder. His name should be called wonderful, counselor, the mighty God, the prince of peace.

2 Set your budget for Christmas: – It’s obvious you know too well how debt can cause stress after, for that reason you should be sure to make a proper plan on how you’ll spend during the celebration.

Do not spend so much getting gifts on December and be stressed in January when you start getting the bills.

The best way to avoid this by setting a budget and let it be only on the things you can afford.

3 Watch movies –(Christmas movies) with your spouse. You can both go to the cinema together and watch your favorite Christmas movies.

Here are few movies you can watch.

a All I want for Christmas

b Holiday inn

c Ernest saves Christmas.

d I’ll be home for Christmas.

e Chalie Brown Christmas

f The Muppet Christmas carol

g Surviving Christmas.

4 Celebrate with her family once: – Go with her parents house and celebrate Christmas with them. Get some gifts like wine and some other gifts for your in-laws. Try and look good when going,

As you get to your in laws house hug both parents and maintain eye contact with the father as you wish them a wonderful Christmas. Go to church or other functions with them if they asked you to. You are a member of the family .

5 Also celebrate with your family too:- As you celebrate with your family, remember it’s her first time to celebrate Christmas with your family so make her feel at home with your parents and siblings. Let her decide on the gifts you will get for your family and that will give her a sense of belonging.

6 Get a special gift for each other: – Gift giving is one of the joys of Christmas, so get a gift for your partner and wrap it in such a way that it will be impossible to know what’s inside. Then get it along with a necklace or card. As you share the gifts, put a little smile on your face.

7 Start your own Christmas tradition together:– Since this your family is new, it is important you create a brand new tradition that is personal to you and your partner.

It may be about attending some special Christmas events, watch interesting Christmas movies, visiting the orphanage homes or getting personalized tree ornaments. Just understand that it’s a beginning and a time to initiate your unique Christmas tradition together with your spouse.

8 Have your couple’s time intact:- with the joy and sweetness that comes with Christmas celebration, it is you are sure to forget your couples time together

in that respect, you should plan exclusively for it, get your calendar and mark the days for visiting friends and relatives and then have your couples time mapped out also.

Finally:- It is your  duty to plan on how to celebrate your first Christmas together as husband and wife.

This article is just a guide; search the internet for more details and plan it with your better half to get maximum


9 lively life-styles of a happy husband and wife

happy couples,happiness in marriageNo couple is created to be happier than the other, and yet all the couples are not created equal.

If you are having a strong and happy marriage today, then you will agree with me that there is nothing like luck, when it comes to having a happy marriage.

The truth is that “happy marriage don’t just happen”, you have to work hard to make it happen.

The couples that have a peaceful marriage always look for a way to make their marriage happier and also to improve their commitment to their marriage.

They see things from a different perspective than the unhappy couples.


In this post, I will show you some situations where the happy couples differentiate themselves from the unhappy ones as well as how you can start today to see things the same way they do.

happy couples,happy home  9 Lively life-style of happy couples

If you are ready to know, then let’s get started.

1They keep the friendship aspect of their marriage strong:- A research by Bill Hanawalt, a pastor of the Vineyard Christian Church of Evanston says that marriage without friendship will never work.

Friendship in marriage means honesty, companionship, mutual respect, and vulnerability. It is when we are doing things together that friendship comes; says C S Lewis.

This is the reason couples must not play with the friendship they share together. There is need to nurture friendship daily in your marriage, else your marriage will not stand the test of time.

Some couples have left their career, children and work affect their emotional connection which affected their friendship and create a vent for infidelity.

However, The happily married couples are very careful about their friendship, and that is what helps them grow thick.

2 They pray together:- You will be so shocked to find out that many Christian couples don’t have time to pray together ( sometimes the only time they remember to do that is when someone inspires them to do so, or when they are having a meal).

But the bible said “The family that prays together stays together” This is true because prayer

(a) Brings you and your spouse to the presence of God. When you and your spouse kneel and with your heads bowed in His presence of God which shows reverence to God as whom He created in His image. Whenever we render worship to Him, we show openness to Him and to our spouse as well.

(b) It helps to unite us:- As you hold your spouse hand, you are demonstrating unity with him/her. Therefore, praying together with your spouse creates spiritual unity among you

(c) It removes selfishness:- Sometimes when you pray alone, you concentrate on yourself only, but when you pray together, you see the need to pray for your spouse also.

All these show that praying together matters very much than anything to couples and so if you have not been praying together, start now.

Learn to pray over each other, encourage one another and also share your success, needs and disappointments

love, romantic dates(3)They know how to create caring moments:-The happy couples are also faced with the same problems faced by the other couple, but instead they let their challenges bring them down, they create an atmosphere that gives them edge over their circumstances.

They spend time to laugh away their problems and create happy memories.

It is very easy to allow boredom or busyness takes over your marriage. However, you can find time to take a walk together, go for a date or relax in your home together with the electronics gadgets off, as you share your dreams, your couple’s goal as well as your individual goals. Also learn to recall all the great memories from the day you started dating.

(4) They never turn away from each other:-They stay with each other when he/she is passing through a challenge.


(5) They are always grateful for what they have:- They are aware that having a good wife and a caring husband is not easy, so they value each other, and are always grateful to God for bringing them together in the fight place.

Learn to show some appreciation to your spouse on the daily basis, and never forget ho hold his/her and say “Thank God for making me marry you”.

(6) Love genuinely: – It is easy to say you love someone; everyone can say that, but is it coming from your heart.

Since marriage is a life –time commitment, it is important you like your spouse very much.

There are times when you’ll detest what your spouse does; there are times when you’ll feel like killing him/her or even to thrown in the towel.

But when there is a genuine love, it will help to calm the situation. The Bible says “love covers a multitude of sin” and loving your spouse means that no matter what he/she does, I will forgive and move on because I can’t stand losing the love of my life.

couples,happy husband and wife(7) Work as a team:- The marriage arithmetic says that 1+1 =1; that simply means that a man and woman becomes one the moment they married.

Therefore, to have a successful marriage, you must continue to work as a team.

Nothing can give you confidence than when you know that your spouse is right there behind you at all times and that he always on the lookout for how to make you feel loved.

(8) They appreciate each other:- That simple word “thank you” should always be in your mouth always, because everyone feels better when they are respected and appreciated.

Every day, your spouse does so many things like making the dinner, working overnight just make thing easier for all of you; but, do not overlook those little things. Always find a way and show some appreciation.

If you have not been noticing them, it is not late; you can start today.

Truth is that the more you say thanks to what the universe offers you, the more you receive those kinds of things.

(9) They have romantic times together:-with so many things that are set to swallow your time daily, it may be very easy to forget to obsessive “the couple’s time”.

Romantic time is different from the normal time you spend together.

This is a time when you plan to connect with your spouse romantically and it helps to keep the fire of marriage red-hot.

An adage says “A grass becomes greener when you water it always.

If you want to want to know how to spend quality time together with your spouse, then this article will help you.

Remember all these will help your marriage a happy one.

happy wife,good husbandConclusion:-The happy couple didn’t fall from heaven; they only have a lifestyle that made then unique.

You too can make your marriage better by changing your lifestyle. The points I listed here will always help you when you try them out.


16 Seemingly Smart Marriage Advice that areObviously the worst.

hsppymarriagebuilder, happy marriage, couples, husband and wifeLet us settle this once and for all: How many of your plans for your marriage has actually come true?



Have you ever thought about those dreams you had in your earlier years in life; your dreams to get married to the most wonderful person on this earth, have the most intelligent children that will forever bring joy to your heart and yes to befinancially freedom so you will be able to take proper care of your family.



Some of them may have worked the way you wanted; but could you be frank enough to tell us the one’s you are still waiting to happen?


So many of them, isn’t it?


You are not alone; I had the same dream


We really want a happy marriage, and we working towards that; but sometime along the line, even in the mist of trying to make our relationship work, we became more confused by advices we get.



Most of the tips did more harm than good to my marriages.


In this article, I have listed out those smart tips about marriage that will hurt your marriage instead of healing it.



       images215 Super smart marriage tips that are actually the worst.


  • A happy marriage begins when you find Mr. or Mrs. right:


Quote: A successful marriage isn’t the union of two perfect people. It’s that of two imperfect people who have learned the value of forgiveness and grace.



I think that quote said it all


Of course you may have read some articles on how to find the perfect man or woman for marriage, that is good; there are many signs that will show you how a good someone maybe, but it will never show you that perfect person for marriage.



Marriage is the only thing in this life where you are not sure of what you get. It is you that will make your marriage what you want it to be.



I know some couples who had a terrible time in the beginning of their marriage, and now are living happily and some also started good and ended poorly.



However, it maybe foolishness to marry someone when you know he or she is of questionable character, and I did not also mean you should wait to see the perfect one.



Just go in and believe you will have the best marriage ever, and work on it and bring it to perfection.



  • Argument can destroy our marriage:

You may have heard that arguing with your spouse is bad. You expected that your marriage will move smoothly with just few small bumps along the part and then realized you were wrong; because you have witnessed more serious struggles for money, power, sex, children and even how to share the household responsibilities, all trying to tear your marriage apart.



But here is what you must understand: ) Every marriage are faced with all these same problems, so there is absolutely no problems with your own marriage.



Many couples decides to keep distance from themselves instead of finding a way to settle their scores; at last they find their marriage failing apart because the gulf has become too big that they cannot get back again.


happy marriage, happily married

This is what differentiates the happy marriage from the others.

The happy couples sometimes welcome challenges to their marriage, because they believed that quarrels, arguments and heated conversations can be a possible force that can help them move forward ion their marriage.



  • Get married first and every other things will be fixed:


Many people get into marriage because they believed in their heart that marriage will help them to make their lives better.



But that is the most useless thing to believe; having that believe will only make you feel bad, when what you think didn’t happen the way you want it.



Just tell me how two people with bad or no job at all, poor health, wrong attitude and bad habit could come together as couples believing there will be harmony in their marriage.


Having in mind that your marriage will fix anything will cause the most damage to you especially when you still see those attitudes there.



Probably you know your spouse to be an addict, a narcissist or a drunkard, and you think you will work on it; it will not work at all. If he did not change before you said I do, then it will not change again.



Have this quote in your mind that “any habit tendency or addiction you have before your wedding day will become worst after you married”.


4 You will be happy when you get married:



If you are the type of person that believes that marriage will make you happy, then you are very wrong. It is only you that can make you happy.



It is obviously true that you can find joy, satisfaction and companionship in marriage, but have it in mind that you will also feel depressed, get annoyed, be angry and also get so confused.

Sometimes you will also wonder if you have made the worst mistakes to get married in the first place.



Many newly married couples became surprised when in their first or second year of marriage they found out that they are so depressed about the way things are going; that is why sometimes you hear them complaining  about their  spouse to their friends, and you will clearly see in their eyes that they are not enjoying the marriage.


happy marriage, happy couples

One important thing you must do is to have an expectation of the best for your marriage.



There is no doubt marriage can produce joy naturally, however, there is no doubt also about what stressliving and sharing a life with someone can produce, and the stress will be more to you when you have the believe your marriage will fix it.



Nobody is responsible for your happiness and not even your marriage.


Believing your spouse to bring joy and happiness to you, will only make you put more unrealistic pressure that will hurt your marriage.

Marriage requires more work:


That maybe true only if you think having sex is work, holding hands as you take a stroll together is work, taking a summer holiday or spending quality time with your spouse is also work.



Understand this. : )


Marriage does not require much work. All you need to make your marriage work properly is just attention. Your partner needs your pure and undivided attention most of the times.



The marriages that crumbled was because proper attention where not given to it.



The same way your health will deteriorate when you did not pay attention to it, that is how your marriage will crumble when you refuse to devote your time too it.



So it is very important you remove your mind from the feelings that marriage takes more work and plan on how to pay proper attention to your marriage. That is when you will see the changes you require.



My spouse should instinctively understand my want and need if he/she really love me:


Your spouse is just a human being just as you are and there is no way he/she could read your mind to know your wants and needs.



You must make frantic efforts to communicate them clearly to your spouse that is when you can expect him/her to know all you need.



So instead of believing that your spouse should read your mind and know what your needs are if the love is there, replace it with if I really love my spouse, I must be open to clearly tell him/her what I need and not expect him/her to be a mind reader.


Women should not always be direct about their decisions so as not to upset her husband:


It is better and healthier to be honest and open during communication with one another to eliminate “repression” or manipulations.



I have heard it so many times from people that women should be creative when they want to share their desires and ideas rather than saying them directly in other not to cause confusion.



But this is what I think is the best especially when you are trying to make your marriage strong; it is pretty much better to make decisions together, that will take away subtle and other “manipulative games” from your marriage.


You don’t have to invite outsiders to help you solve you marital problems:


Somehow this tends to be true: but that is not when you look for people that are inexperienced in family issues.



There may be times in your marriage when you will need a marriage therapist, counselor, financial planner, or sex therapist to help you in most of the areas mentioned above.



When things are not moving the way it should in some areas of your marriage, look for an expert that studied how to solve those problems. They may bring the solution you need.


Look at how other partners are living and inculcate it in your marriage:-


It is okay to have a role model. However, sometimes in life what works for someone else may not work for the other.



Marriage is a relationship between to different people with different attitude and life style. Tweet This

happy marriage, husband and wife, love, joy, passion


To make your marriage work the way you want it, you must know and understand your partner very well, when you know your spouse, you will know how best to live with him or her.



This is the reason why what works for one marriage may not work for you.



Figure out the things that will work and make your marriage stronger and get busy doing it.



Example: you know some couples who travel out of the country for summer and you force yourself to do the same when you have a tight budget; what do you think will happen next? Debt, and eventually stress.


10 The best way to change your spouse is to point out their errors, inadequacies immediately:-


One of the ways to destroy your marriage in 10 minutes is to believe you can change your partner. Blames and nagging is the best recipe for that.



The only way you can help to change your spouse is to develop good communication skills, but you cannot achieve that through criticisms and nagging. That will only hurt your marriage the more.


11 Couples in good communication automatically becomes closer with time:-


No marriage becomes strong or happy just like that. It takes the sincere and constant work, care and nurturing of the couples to make it happen.



Let’s use this as an example: We must study hard if we want to get good grades in our exams, we must exercise if we want to be fit and it takes proper work if we will achieve any good thing in life; you can never achieve anything by merely fantasizing.



That is how it is about relationships and marriage. You can liking it to a living organism which needs time to grow. Tweet This



Couples will never at all times feel affectionate or close towards each other. There are times when things will look like all will be over in a minute, when you will be asking yourself if you made a mistake to get married in the first instance.



But those moments are the most important time in every marriage. It is a time of growth.



Always have in your consciousness that nothing about your marriage will come on its own. You must have to devote yourselves to nurturing, building and working to make it happen.



(12)Marriage is more beneficial to man than it is to women:-


This is a big lie that can destroy a marriage. This makes women feel that their role in marriage is a “negative light” and that they are problem to their husband’s desire.



Women feel much free in marriage when they are sure that they are well recognized and appreciated; that is when they try all they could to do more for their marriage to succeed.



This will also help to make women not seeing themselves as a generous helper and the husband as the only benefactor.


13 Long term marriage is all about good romantic love and good luck:-


From survey,thecouple under survey accepted that the reason for more marital happiness lies in their ability to communicate and being each other’s companion.



Those couple who are happy in their marriage shares compatibility and life in value and interest.



14 Strong marriage also depends on hard work, commitment and dedication. There is nothing as good luck. Tweet This


You must plan from the very first; start by writing down what you want in your marriage and work towards it.

15 It is wrong to pursue your needs individually:


I am yet to understand why people believe that partners must do everything together always. Does it mean one cease to be who he/she was before getting married? No!



Everybody has his or her own life to live notwithstanding the one they have as married couples. It is imperative that couples should take personal interest in each other’s goal, However that is very different than saying that they are compelled to do all things together.



If couples, are expected to do everything together, that will clearly leave every of the spouse feeling trapped into the relationship.



There are some marriages where couple feels better when they are together, and some need to be separate sometimes if they should feel better.

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The point is this. Look for the method that suites your marriage perfectly and go on with it.



(16) Every couple must work together to make sure the marriage works well:


It is true that partners must work as a team to make their marriage stand well. But what if your marriage is passing through trials and maybe your partner does not look as he/ she wants to get involved in finding a solution to it.



Maybe you know exactly what to do to repair the marriage. Would you go on waiting for your other half, or do what you have to do to heal your marriage?



One partner can single-handedly take steps that could get the marriage back to its normal stage if he or she desires.



Let me round up with this:



It is obvious you will get lots information,when you want to take a new step in life. The most important thing is to taste it and know which will be ideal for dealing with the circumstances you have at that moment.



Remember, the success of failure marriage is in your hand; take a proper step and you will make everyone happy. But one single mistake can destroy the relationship you have taken time to build. It is that easy.

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