Dealing With Conflicts In Your Marriage

Hello and Merry Christmas. If you want to have a happy marriage, then you must learn the proper ways of dealing with conflicts in marriage, without causing any fight this special Christmas season,


I have tried so much in describing some important things you can do to help minimize it.


I suggest you get a glass of coffee as you are reading this.


We are aware that conflicts are unavoidable in marriage, and can come at different times and purposes whether it is a happy marriage or not.


The only thing that matters is how we respond to the conflicts when it rears up its ugly head. What are the effects of your actions? Is it helping you to solve the problems or hurting it the more.


One thing you must have in your mind before taking any action concerning dealing with marital conflicts is that if your actions are good, then it will make your union a happy marriage and if not your marriage may be hurting so deeply that you will not find it easy to handle again.


Most conflicts we see in our marriages may be minor; therefore, simple solutions are usually agreed upon (mutually) when we agree to move forward in building trust, strength, and mutual understanding.


All these at a long run will helps so much in building a more stable and happy relationship. Have you had conflicts in your marriage earlier that are still coming up again and again? Why did the two of you not have agreement or compromise in solving it?


What do you do when your spouse brings up an emotional concern, maybe something you have heard before? Would you be sincere enough to give listening ears to him/her?

When there are recurring issues or conflicts in your marriage, there are some destructive attitudes that tends to become jeopardy to our disadvantage when it comes to dealing with it.


Our inability to validate our companion or spouses concerns usually comes in a number of ways that usually makes the conflict to either persist or coursing a bigger problem in future.


Most importantly is the response we give to the complaints from our spouse, they are determinant factor in dealing with the conflict.


A happy marriage is not something you just fall into, even though you may have great chemistry and the best intentions, a strong bong is one where both partners takes the time to nurture each other each an everyday.


In Conclusion;
To keep a marriage is not always easy, but never be afraid when those conflicts and misunderstandings starts coming; they are normal and only came to make both of you stronger.


It is preferably good and more effectual to use a positive response like “sorry dear; I am sure how you feel about this”. It can go a long way in solving the problems, than saying things like “are you serious about this”.


Always show a sense of concern to your spouse’s needs and feelings. When your spouse sees the sin in your responses towards the conflicts, they will give you clues to the reasons for their actions.


These will give you a better chance of having a successful marriage.

From Me
Have a wonderful celebration!
See you at the top.