Until you stop; those secret lives can harm your marriage.


images hiddingSecret life! What actually does it mean? What effect does the secret life have in marriage?


So many marriages have resulted in separation and divorce because of this thing called secret life. The funny thing about this life is that slowly and gently it gains entrance into that successful and happy marriage and before you know what is happening, it becomes a big problem.


What is this secret life?


In my own understanding, it simply means those lives you live in your closet that no one else knows but you. It is that life that lives you will not want to be know by your spouse, it includes those chatting on the social media, that pornography you watch, that masturbation you enjoy and many more.

Let me tell you how this can affect you seriously even when you are enjoying yourself.


If you read those underlines sentence, you will see where I mentioned about enjoying yourself.



Let me ask you this! Just feel free to answer it.

Those things that is done in the secret, are they not sweet?


  • Is it not sweet, When you pick up your phone to send that little text “I love you” to that young girl out there and your spouse did not know?
  • Is it not sweet to when you ask that beautiful or handsome guy to see you at that hotel room for some actions?
  • Is it not sweet to close your office when your receptionist is in and have a quick one with him or her and your spouse did not know?

In my own view of the question, it is so sweet.

However, it is very deadly to indulge in these except you want to destroy your marriage.


Let me Explain those lives one after the other. Just tell me if it is what you do. Okay…


Chatting on the social media


The introduction of internet made lots of things to be easy. With just a snap of your fingers, you can get absolutely anything you want. The most intriguing thing is the coming of the social Medias like, FaceBook, MySpace, twitter, whatsapp and others. With ease you can connect with anybody.

I fall victim of this too. At a time I realized that I was having more time to chat with my male friends in either facebook or whatsapp. My prayers everyday became that my wife will go out to wherever, or I will go out, just because I want to chat with my female friends. What a devastating life! Thank God I realized on time and stopped it. Think about the effects it is having on your own marriage.


Pornography you watch and masturbation you enjoy..

I decided to share on this together because they go hand in hand. Many people are victim of this. Let me tell you what usually happen when you continue watching pornography.


When this attitude becomes the very part of you, you will suddenly realize that you will be so addicted to it that even when you want to make love with your spouse, your mind will not be there. You will be remembering the pictures you saw in the magazine.



Most at times you will realize that after watching, the next thing you will want to do is to masturbate or to finger yourself. Again when masturbation becomes part of you, then you will prefer to do it than making love with your spouse.


Remember we are talking about how all these secret life can harm your marriage.


My question now is; would you prefer your marriage to break up or would you want to stop it now and save your marriage.

It is yours to decide. But, my advice is to save your marriage.


What do you think about this articles?





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