Top Six Secrets to Staying Happy In Marriage

It is one thing to be married, and it is another thing to stay happy in marriage for the rest of your life.

Why did i say so?

There is always going to be problems and challenges in marriage. Even those you called best couples usually have their fair share of speed bumps too.

However, the difference between that happy couples and the one that ended in divorce is that while the former choose divorce as their best option in resolving the conflict in their marriage, the later considers fixing their marriage and getting it bubbling again.

Fixing a marriage still remain the best option for you; if you should look back and think about the good times you shared with your spouse in the earlier stage of your marriage.

I usually advice my clients to try and recite those marriage vows again and again, may be that will help to bring back the memories.

Bellow is the list of things you will try to inculcate in your marriage, if you want to remain happy in married for the rest of your life.


1) Think about what you want for your marriage:

If you are really serious about fixing your marriage and staying happy in your marriage, then the first thin to do is to know exactly what you want.

Get a journal, and  invite any of you best friends that you can confined on or even a private counselor and try to figure out all the things you believe to be the reasons for the problems in your marriage / relationship.

When you know the real reasons for the issues in your marriage, will solve half of the Problems, because now you know where to start solving the problems.


2) Get committed in making it work: –

It is not just about writing down the things you want to achieve in your marriage, but committing yourself in working with it until you succeed in fixing your marriage.

Being committed means pledging to do, give and be your best in other to make thing better in your relationship. It means sacrificing your best for your marriage, because you believe in it.

There are times when things will look pretty bad, your ability to say ” I must make this marriage stand firm again no matter how bad”, is what I called commitment.

Go ahead and do your best for your marriage.


3) Change your attitude towards your marriage:

Re-evaluating your attitude is very important if you want to stay happily married.

You know yourself, you know your impact in your relationship. If you are affecting it positively, then go ahead, but if your attitude is causing more problems then it’s time to stop.

Try and change those attitudes you believed to be the reason for problems in your marriage.

For example, if your spending habit, drunkenness is making your partner feel bad, then it’s high time you stopped.


4) Be nice to your spouse: –

Many couple finds it hard to be nice to their spouse, instead they choose to be the best outside. Show appreciation towards each other.

This will help in fixing the holes in your marriage.


5) Do not blame each other: –

If you are experiencing challenges in your marriage, do not put the blame on your spouse, because blames has never accomplished any good thing than to make the matter at hand worst.

Even when the fault is from your partner, I still advice you not to blame him/ her because it will keep you away from regrets and causing other harm to your partner and relationship.

Often times we point fingers, not because we want to, but because we are stressed and not seeing clearly, but,you yourselves to other when we realise it and stop immediately.


6) Enjoy quality times together: –

Spend more times together and enjoy every bit of your stay together. Make it a memorable one for the two of you. Forget about every other thing and put more attention to your spouse. Remember it is just the two of you together.

When you pend time together, you’ll have more opportunities to talk about so many things that matters in your relationship.

When you find and talk about what is not working or working, you able to bring solutions to table and that will help your relationship grow.

7) Hold him/her to a high esteem: –

I have heard a wife telling the husband that he is only good outside and not in the home. ” if your friends ask for anything, you don’t hesitate, but when I do, it takes you time to do” A wife was crying.

I am sure you have heard such too. She means that you are not making her your priority.

Treat your spouse the way you will expect him/her to treat you back. Do not allow any other thing to take the care you are supposed to give to your spouse away.

You know you love  and care for her/him, but there seen other things that’s taking her place in your mind daily.

If you want your partner happy, then make him/her the number one.

8) Say yes when what you mean is yes: –

Try to be the best you can be to your spouse. Make him/her trust you more by becoming trust worthy. Do not make the promises you will not make any plan to fulfill. It pays to make your yes be yes and your no a no.

The truth is that it is easy to break a trust, but pretty hard to regain.

If you don’t want to suffer the effect of distrust in future, start building trust than destroying it.

Finally, There are many things you can do to make your relationship the best, start doing them now, don’t wait until things get out of hand.

Remember, if your spouse is happy, then your marriage will also be happy.

Understanding the Things That Makes a Woman Happy In a Marriage.

If a man is conscious of having a happy marriage, Then he must know the things that makes his wife happy.

It is always the commitments of both couples that help so much in building a happy family. However, I believe that as a man, knowing the things you need to know about how you can make your woman happy will make achieving your goal of a happy family very easy for you.

Women are always too emotional and they are very strong at that. They are too easy to excite and they are too easy to be hurt. You may go on and call her whatsoever name you choose to, like beautiful, sexy or gorgeous, that is good! But, if she didn’t feel like it, it will not move her a bit. Your utmost task as her husband is to make her feel all of those things and even more. Her most expectation is to love, respect adore and trust her. Most times when a woman is stressed up outside, they expected that you will help her to calm the situation. Most husbands do not understand, they go a head to demand of the things the wife could do ; like cooking and having sex, without even showing concern about the their wives motions.

Every woman expect her husband to pay attention to whatever they want to say at least to make attempt in understanding her and also at least to help where you could.

Learn how to validate your wife more often. Tell her about those beautiful eyes of her, those succulent lips, about those gorgeous dresses she is wearing. They enjoy validation more than any other thing, and they are ready to receive it from other men outside when you are not ready to give it. Remember you are very anxious in making your marriage a happy one so you must be ready to do all those thing you should do to make it so, and making your wife happy is one of the things you must do.

Be your wife’s companion and her guide. Every Woman expects that her husband will be there all the time for her, that mean she is always confidence that no one can harm her when you are there.

Don’t scold your wife; learn how to keep your voice at a lower tune when you are talking to her. No matter what she did, they feel so loved when you understand this.

You must understand these steps to make your wife happy and to make your marriage a happy one.


5 Ways to stay happily married As Couples

If you have been married for 6-8 years now and you are still happily married, then you must be very gratefully to God for that; if not, this article is specially written for you.

It is absolutely one thing to be married and another thing to stay happily married after so many years.

Let me throw a little light to what I have just said.

In the earlier years of marriage, probably from the first year; things were going very well. There was peace; intimacy and joy between you and your spouse. Things were going smoothly But now, those things are no more and it looks as if it happening only in your own marriage.

Your friends are enjoying their own and having a nice time with their spouse

is there anything you are not doing well?

I remember one slogan that said “If you do anything and have a positive result, then if you do the same thing again the same way, you will get the same result”

Probably, there are things you were doing before that you are not doing now. I implore you today to look back to those good old days; you may see the causes of the current situations in your marriage at this time.

Yes you can

But, I have good news for you today; You can fix those holes in your marriage if you will work with these point that I have listed in this article,

they will make you stay happily married once again. Look back to the old days of your marriage:- I heard a marriage counselor said that at the earlier years of marriage, a man will offer his hands to his wife when she wants to cross a gutter (drainage), but as the marriage goes on, those things are forgotten about.

Now you even find it hard to open the door of your car for your wife to enter before you. If you could look back and try those things you were doing before, you could restore the things you use to see.

1) Pray together and stay together: –

Praying together is one other thing that could restore your marriage. It can only be by the grace of God.

Always make God first, and every other thing will follow suite. The family that prays together; stays together.

Every morning, afternoon and night hold your hands together and pray. Pray for yourselves and speak words concerning your needs and aspirations as couples. That’s when lines will start falling in place for you and your marriage.


2) Enjoy sex together: –

Sex is absolutely one of the most important thing in every marriage. It is the only thing couple share together with each other.

Healthy sex can make your marriage strong.

Learn to discuss about your sex life more.

Sex promotes intimacy, and lack of sex is usually the more reason for marriage break ups. Be ready to face the world together as one:- The bible said that “ one would chase one thousand, but two can chase ten thousand. There must be challenges in marriage, but it is expected that two of you could face it together as one and never invite a second party.

3) Believe and trust one another:-

One of the things that keep a marriage strong and happy is the ability to trust your spouse. Lack of trust brings so many other negative things. Examples are infidelity and quarrels.

4) Trust and believe in yourselves.

Remember this; it will not automatic, but if you continue to work with these, little by little you will start seeing happiness in your marriage.

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