Five Useful Secrets Of A Successful Marriage

This is obviously what I learn from my wife. They are the secrets of a successful marriage, or rather how anyone can stay happily married for ever. You can as well inculcate it in your marriage. If it worked for me it could work for you too.

Now we are married, the honey moon and all the other marriage ceremonies are over. I am now alone with my wife. Now how can we move forward? How can we face the real issues in our marriage to make it work for us?

The obvious truth is that even before the wedding bell rang, every couple already has dreams on how their marriage life is going to be.

There is always a mental pictures of how they will make their marriage to be attractive to many other couples, how they will wake up from the other side of the bed, the kind of food they will serve in their home, and vice versa

I know you had those dreams too; I did too. It started coming to pass the way I hoped from the first year to the eight year, things started going from best to better and then it came to the time that we had to review our marriage again.

What has happen between the first year of our marriage to this time? Is there anything we could do to get those moments back again?

Remember we are serious about staying happily married. That when we started looking for the secrets of a happy marriage. What did those couples do be be happy in their marriage?

We had to look for those things we must try to do if our marriage must work for us. These are the steps we took to restore our marriage.

Five Useful Secrets Of A Successful Marriage

1) We Learn the Real Meaning of Love:-

To stay happy in your marriage, you must learn the real meaning of love. My wife told me that to love your spouse starts from the very moment you say the word “I love you” and when the word came straight from the bottom of your heart.

This will make you to keep yourself from telling other ladies you love them too. Bible says that “Out of the abundance of heart the mouth speaks.

Again love can be expressed through patience, tolerance for the mistakes of your spouse, meeting the needs of your spouse and avoiding critics.

2) Lay Down the Dreams Of a “Perfect Marriage” and Start Working Towards a “Good Marriage”:-

I know you will be surprised to see that heading? Yes it is true; there are no perfect marriages out there. My simple reason is because there is no perfect person. There are some more or less ideal marriages, but they are the ones that have been worked out through the years.

Marriage is one of the most difficult and more complex of all the human relationships and so it requires skills, patience, emotional and spiritual growths.

3) Discover Your Spouse Personal, Unique Needs and Try to Meet Them:-

Recognize that your spouse is not precisely like any other person on earth. He/ she is absolutely like you are. He has needs, the same way you do.

Forget about and other things you know about what people are, and discover who your spouse is like. You will be unable to meet all your couple’s needs. No one can do so, but you must know and try your best possible best.

4) Abandon All The Plans of Changing Your Spouse:-

Remember this very important axiom: We can change no other person by direct action; we can change only ourselves, and when we can change, then others tend to change in reactions to us. If you have this in your mind, then you will quit trying to change your spouse. Staying happily married starts with you changing yourself first.

5) Pray for patience:-

The greatest secrets of a successful marriage is to have patience. Some challenge may come in your marriage, and you will feel the best thing to do is to live your marriage. No! The first thing to do is to ask God for patience to stand the test of time, All will be well again.

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Strong Marriage Advice (How to build Strong intimacy in Your Marriage)

Every couple must have a strong intimacy present in their home to go a distance. It is obviously the most valuable part of every marriage relationship. Any marriage that lacks it is as good as dead.
What exactly is this emotional intimacy and why is it very important in every marriage.
Strong emotional Intimacy:-
Intimacy occurs in when there is trust, good communication and good friendly relationship between couple and it allows you and your spouse to share the innermost part of your love together.

When there is emotional intimacy in marriage, everybody feels at home, wholly accepted admired as well as respected by the other spouse, and in return provides a solid foundation for marriage to thrive very well.


There can never be a strong and lasting marriage, without the existence of a good intimate relationship between the couples. How could a marriage thrive when everywhere is empty, lifeless? The couple will be at distance with each other, there will be no time to talk, no time to hold hands and even time to share feelings together.
I have seen so many marriages trying to go on without these feelings of intimacy, but over time, they crumble and fall. Marriages can only be held together when deep intimate emotional feelings are present.
If you are currently having challenges in your marriage, you should try ant get these feelings back first.
These are the steps that will help you get it back
Make Yourselves Comfortable at all Times:-
You have to figure out how your spouse loves to enjoy his or her time. Learn how to make your spouse comfortable any time you are together. Make him desire to be around you at all times.
Forget The Past and Move Forward: – If your spouse harms you in any way, always find a way to forgive immediately, and move on with your life. Do not bear any grudge against your spouse.

Spend Quality Time with Your Spouse: – Increase the quality of time you spend with your spouse. Make it unique and enjoying for him. Make him look forward to staying with you. Most couple feels sad when it is time to go home, because they never want to go to a nagging wife or husband.

Constantly Admire Your Spouse: – It is important you admire your spouse always. Appreciate him or her at all time. Everybody wants to be loved and admired.
I strongly believe these will help you in your marriage.

Marriage Tips (Things That Will Help You to Know If You Are Happy In Your Marriage or Not)

From the very first day of your marriage till now, you must be able to understand if you are happy in your marriage or not. It must be very obvious to you if your marriage is going on well. Simply put you must know if you and your spouse are happy in your marriage.
The very reason why many marriages end in break up is either because they did not recognized on time that they are not happy in their marriage or because they wasted so much time in seeking for a way to patch those holes in their marriage. Neglecting to solve marital problems on time could be disastrous in future. It will first of all build resentments, hurt feelings and eventually bring emotional detachment and then break up. There is absolutely no much thing for you to do than to seek professional help if you start seeing these sign occurring in your marriage.
When The Bad In Your Marriage Outweighs The Good:-
Whenever you realize that there is so much bad thing happening in your marriage than the good, this will be an obvious sign that you may need a help. Not doing this in time will bring so many other things that you may not want happen in your marriage.
You always Feel Your Spouse Does Not Help In Solving the Problems in Your Marriage:-
Happy marriage happens when couples work together as a team. When ever it comes to the point when only one of the couples is in the fore front of solving marital problems, and the other spouse completely short down in everything, that may be another good sign there is no happiness in your marriage.
No More Emotional Intimacy:-
Emotional intimacy is when couple has and demonstrates love and care to each other. When there is a considerable decline in physical emotions between you and your spouse, then the worst is bound to happen.
You Keep Things to Yourself:-
One of the important aspects of every marriage is communication. Any marriage that lacks communication is as good as dead. When you chose to keep things to yourself, then there is no more trust and then there is no more love. The result is separation.
I am sure this will help you to know if you and your spouse are happy in your marriage or not. Remember divorce is never an option. So start today to look for a helper to help you mend your marriage.