Things you must know about having a happy marriage

A marriage is said to be a happy or happy marriage when the two people involved are living together in peace, love and unity. In that type of relationship, there have been periods of squabbles and quarrels, yet there is still peace, because the two people involved allowed the peace to reign.
It has always been the desire of heart of every husband and wife to have this wonderful relationship called a happy marriage, however, lots of marriages crumbles earlier than it started due to couple’s ignorance of knowing the recipes of making it happen.
I had an opportunity to attend a marriage ceremony one day and was amazed at how husband and wife could live together, but not sharing things in common. In that ceremony, the master of the ceremony asked one wonderful question that made me to change my views concerning marriage. He asked “ If by one reason or the other all the marriages are dissolved for one week, and people were asked to start the marriage again; how many people will want to go back to their first spouse” I was so surprised that 80% did not raise there hand. But that was not the reason why they got into the marriage at first. There initial plans were to have a very successful and happy family, but here they are at the wrong side of marriage, believing that one day it will end may be in divorce or whatever way,

IS it possible to have a happy marriage? You may ask! My answer is yes. It is very possible when you know the recipes of and how to apply it to your own marriage. If you are already experiencing happiness in your marriage, then you are simply enjoying your own heaven on this earth. However you can still make it to happen in your own marriage if you are not experiencing it already.

It is not a rocket science to start enjoying the joy of a wonderful marriage. You can decide now to start working on it. Since other people are enjoying it, then it is possible to you too.
Check back to this blog, to read other articles on how to start it in a short while. Know in your mind that it may take some time, but it will surely help to bring back joy, love peace and happiness to your marriage.

First step to a happy marriage

happy marriage, steps to a happy marriage,marriage wishesThe beginning of everything starts with one step. Therefore the beginning of a happy marriage also has its first step. Until this first step is taking, every other step may not be a good step to a happy marriage your desire.
In this article, I want  to show you the first step to a happy marriage, and I want it clearly register in your mind so that in the future time, it will not be had for you to start experiencing the joy and peace you want in your marriage.
The first step you will take  today in other to have happiness in your marriage, is to have in your mind that it is possible to have a positive a good and lasting relationship with your spouse.


Everything starts in the mind. Some couple have already made up their mind that things can never be the same way again, but that is not true because everything is possible to then that believes.
It is also important to know that believing alone can not bring the happiness you desire in your marriage, but to start putting up the actions that could help to make it happen.
One of the things you must do is to bring out your paper and a pen, and start writing down the entire steps you must take to make this marriage happy. Think about the things you must do, all the sacrifice you must make on your own part in other to bring joy.


Write them down and paste it where you will always see it. Ask yourself; what are the attitudes I will inculcate in my marriage? What are the things I will let go? Remember your main goal is to take the first to have a happy marriage. Always try and say only those things that with bring the atmosphere of happiness between you and your family. These are the simplest nuggets for a happy relationship.

Thanks for reading.

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