How Infidelity Could Destroy your Happy marriage

There is absolutely nothing that can destroy a happy marriage fast than infidelity. Infidelity do not necessarily means that you are having an affair with someone else; when you develop an emotional feelings and attachment to someone else than your spouse, it may be more dangerous than having an affair.

Faithfulness means that you have no other person in your live than your spouse, that is when you can claim to be faithful emotionally, mentally as well as physically. Never allow yourself to get into any romantic relationship with any person except your spouse.

As a married man/woman, you are not allowed to have any attachment emotionally or even fall in love with another person than your spouse. When you do, then you are guilty of infidelity.

Infidelity is capable of destroying lives, not just your spouses life, but your childrene’s life. It can destroy any relationship as well as any happy marriage.

People can go to any length to revenge the act of infidelity without thinking of the implications. There is no amount of short term or “fleeting” pleasure that can compensate all the havocs that comes with infidelity. Even the most happiest marriage can crumble in one minute because of unfaithfulness.
Why Cheating is Painful
To understand how painful infidelity is, let us look at the differences between love and sex. Many people have tried to differentiate sex and love, especially when they want to cover up their unfaithfulness. But to me, there is no atom of difference between the two. It is one of those lies people tell to make excuses for what they have done.

There is an interconnectivity between love and sex.
A lot of people have tried so much as to reduce the impact of sex in relationship of a man and woman. Sex has now been made to look like a toy for the grown ups.. No one can deny that joy they derive in sex. The only question now is why has sex become that pleasurable, if sex isn’t pleasursble, thats why everyone would have become “extinct” so many years ago. If the men were not bestowed with that great sex drive, then most of them would not agree to take the responsibility of having a family.
Now lets look at how sex and love is related.
In marriage, sex helps in rearfirming that love that exists between man and woman in marriage. Sex makes a man and woman become one when they are having intercourse. The symbol of this is that it accentuates that commitment couples must have for one another.

During sex, people experiences love and validations. From all these point of views, sex can become a acceptance and commitment, that is why people are so disappointed when their partner cheats on them, the strayed partner has automatically sold him/herself emotionally and physically to another person.

When this happens, it affects marriage so much.

In Conclusion.

Never indulge in infidelity, if you want to maintain a happy marriage. You may cause a great pain to your spouse and to all your family members, and that may not be easy to overcome.

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