How to Improve Your Marriage and Make It a Better, Happy and a Sweeter One

One thing is always sure in a marriage and that is the need to improve on it all the time. As the day goes by, most of the blissful times and other things couples enjoy in marriage starts fading away gradually, issues starts coming out and quarrel becomes the order of the day. Some people say’s that these things are good and helps to make a marriage grow stronger, but I personally disagree to that because those are the things that can destroy even the sweetest and the happiest marriage on earth if not properly taken care of. It is very important for every couple to do everything they should to keep their marriage happy by improving on it. There is virtually space in every relationship for improvement and I will advice you today to look very well and discover those places in your marriage that needs improvement and start working on it today. Here Are the Things You Can Do To Improve Your Marriage. Have a one and one talk with your spouse. Everything in life starts with decision, and improving your marriage is one of those things that need the decision of both you and your spouse if you want it to work out. There can be no way for marriage improvement if you and your spouse are not in agreement to do so. It starts from the very moment you call your spouse and ask if he or she is ready to work with you to mend your marriage by improving on it. If the answer is yes, then half of the work is done. The next thing is to talk about those places that need to be improved upon, write them down and start working on it one after the other. See Only the Positive Side of Your Spouse. During courtship, couples seem to hide so many aspects of their lives, but as the day goes by in marriage, things starts coming out, character starts changing. You may at that time be forces to tell yourself that this is not the same person you married in the first place. You are not alone. It is common in every marriage. This is what I want you to do; choose to see only the good side of your spouse. Also remember that it is not your work to change your spouse so never try to do so. Make a list of those qualities you like in him or her and always remind yourself of that wonderful person you married. Improve On The Quality Of Time You Spend With Your Spouse. Another better way you can improve on your marriage is to increase on the quality of time you stay with your spouse. I did not say increase in the time you stay with your spouse or but to increase the quality of time. Staying 24 hours with your spouse will only deny him/her of a personal space and a chance to miss you; I am not saying you should take a week or month long vacation. However make your spouse feel your absence for a little while. Remember you are trying to improve on your marriage.

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