Honeymoon Sex Guide For The Newlywed

Here are some smart honeymoon sex guide for newlywed couples as requested the readers of my blog.


This post is written, as answers to the amazing questions I get daily in my email from my newlywed readers who want to know how they could have a great sex experience with their new love during the honeymoon.


If you are one of those that asked the question, you are not alone.


A lot of people ask that question too about sex, because of a truth, sex can be very tricky, because everyone has preference, liking, desire when it comes getting satisfied during sex.


Women wants it just the same way men does and if you are not sure how to go about it, one person gets more of it than the other.


Now it’s time to enjoy the first sex life with a brand new person that you are obviously so much love with.
It’s a brand new experience for you and you are not sure how to go about it.

Don’t worry -:))

In this post, you will learn how to have a snatching sex experience during your honeymoon.




                                                                                                   Honeymoon Sex Guide For newlywed couples: 


1) Let your spouse know what you want:

You should tell your partner about your expectations for sex during your honeymoon.

You cannot afford to keep it inside of you or your sex life will gradually deteriorate until it becomes so bad.


A famous Sex expert Dr Ruth after a research says that “Communication is the key to bedroom bliss through out your marriage”


That simply means

You have to let your partner know your likes and dislikes when it comes to sex, so two of you can work to always make it better.
I really understand it can’t be an easy task for you, especially when you haven’t known each other better.


But, if only you can summon the courage to do so, then you have only insured your sex life forever.


2) discover your sexuality: –

Sometimes since don’t become the same sexually after years of marriage.


The author of the “Sex smart the bestselling sex book on Amazon Aline Zaldbrod PhD said ” getting married takes away the trill of feeling desperately sought after, and it is not uncommon for women to find out that their desire goes down at this point”.


To keep your sex drive high and active all the time, you’ve got to discover your sexuality, know exactly how, when and places you want your partner touch to give you the maximum satisfaction you need and communicate it to your partner.


Fact still remains that

Getting satisfying sex life starts and ends with understanding and acknowledgement of our personal sexual needs.
It is obviously in our hands and not our spouse’s responsibility.


3) Learn to give and take pleasure during sex:

You have heard and read so many books on sex and you are at the crossroads now about how good to make sex satisfying and enjoyable too.


You have also nurtured in your mind about who will be on the receiving or giving side during sex.


The answer to this is that you take as much pleasure as you can and also give as much pleasure as you can, whichever way you choose, but just remove selfishness as you play the game.


The truth is that when you give pleasure, you are giving your partner the opportunity to receive and vice versa.


Sometimes also our partner, are satisfied and received so much pleasure when you receive all they are able to give and so don’t be afraid to do any of these.


4) Keep good sexual hygiene: –

keep your health under check after the wedding.
Some couples go on their honeymoon with infections, cyst, and urinary tract infections.


So check yourself properly and take care of yourself before the honey.


5) Your genitals is not all you have: – Sex is made to be enjoyed with our genitals, but your whole body can play very important part too.


Pay more attention to using your finger and tongue simultaneously during sex.
Most women enjoy it more when you stimulate their clitoris and men feel good when you suck and stroke their penis.


Just make use of any part of your body to make sex enjoyable for you doing the honeymoon.

No dull moment.


Dear, I am glad to write these tips to guide you through ways you can enjoy sex during your honeymoon. The rest is let for you.Take actions now and you will be amazed at what result you’ll get.


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AIK UCHEGBU is a writer and an authority in anything that matters about marriage and how to build it successfully. His followers has been greatly enhanced by his findings. You will not be disappointed for coming to this site.


AIK UCHEGBU is a writer and an authority in anything that matters about marriage and how to build it successfully. His followers has been greatly enhanced by his findings. You will not be disappointed for coming to this site.

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