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How to Make Your Wife Fall Head-over heel in love with you this Season

It’s possible to be under the same roof, sleep in the same bed and yet the loves you share with your wife have depreciated a great deal.But, to make any marriage work properly, you must try everything you should to make your wife fall in love with you again.I believe...

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Why you will get married to the wrong person

  It is not a curse and it is not my wish also that you get married to the wrong person, nobody wants to get married to wrong person, in fact everybody avoid that like bomb, but if your reasons to get married and your choices are related to what...

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The Little Known Ways to Protect your Marriage

We are always too careful and will go to any length to protect our costly jewelry from theft insure our other properties for safety, but sometimes it never occurs to us that our marriage needs to be protected too.Right from the beginning of our marriage we never thought there’s any...

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10 types of women you should never date or marry

While every man prays to get married someday, yet no man wants to get married to any type of woman. Intact every man will do everything he can not to marry the wrong woman.But in spite of the carefulness men still fall victim to that.If you are planning to take...

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20 Simple but interesting Ways to brighten your Spouse’s day

There is distraction everywhere and if you are not careful, you can forget about your spouse, I don’t mean forget that he/she exists, but you can get wrapped up in your daily schedule and work that you forget that the success of your relationship is dependent on the happiness of...

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