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How to Uphold and Sustain your Marriage with the Word of God

Have you tried everything you know to make your marriage spicy, and yet things are not going the way you desire? Then you have not tried this simple but interesting way that am going to show you in this post. Although it may sounds simple, but you can really uphold and...

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What Really Does It take to Plan a Fabulous Wedding on a Budget

Whenever you attend a wedding ceremony or pick up a wedding magazine, you’ll almost want to call off your own planning, because what you saw will make you think you have to break a bank to have something like that.Really spending billions of money for a wedding it is not...

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Couples Finance: 4 business Any couple can do from their bedroom

This is my 16 years in marriage, so I can conveniently prove to you that one of the cause of major problems in marriage related to finance.A survey conducted by Sun Trust Bank, using people in marriage or partnership reveals that 35 percent of stress in marriage .Obviously, money is...

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Marriages Fail when couple are stocked in these 5 Toxic relationship lifestyles

One common question I get from my subscribers daily is “Why does marriages fail, even when the couples involved were living and were both happy in the begging?I asked those questions too, especially when it is obvious to me that the marriage have lasted 10- 20 years and above. Driving...

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First Christmas as couple: 8 ways to enjoy it well together

If you are a newlywed and you are looking to know how you can celebrate this your Christmas together as couples, then this article is specifically for you and in a little moment from now I will show you how to do just that.Celebrating your first Christmas together as a...

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