Understanding What Makes Your Wife Happy


If you are conscious of having a happy marriage, then you must try to understand what makes your wife happy or sad.


It is always the commitments of both couples that help so much in building a happy family.


However, I believe that as a man, knowing the things you need to know about how you can make your wife happy will make achieving your goal of a happy family very easy for you.



             Understand Their Emotions

Women are always too emotional and they are very strong at that. They are too easy to excite and they are too easy to be hurt.


You may go on and call her whatsoever name you choose to, like beautiful, sexy or gorgeous, that is good! But, if she didn’t feel like it, it will not move her a bit.


Your utmost task as her husband is to make her feel all of those things and even more. Her most expectation is to love, respect adore and trust her. Most times when a woman is stressed up outside, they expected that you will help her to calm the situation.


               See Yourself In Her Shoes

Most husbands do not understand, they go a head to demand of the things the wife could do ; like cooking and having sex, without even showing concern about the their wives motions.


Every woman expect her husband to pay attention to whatever they want to say at least to make attempt in understanding her and also at least to help where you could.


                They Enjoy Validation


Learn how to validate your wife more often. Tell her about those beautiful eyes of her, those succulent lips, about those gorgeous dresses she is wearing.


They enjoy validation more than any other thing, and they are ready to receive it from other men outside when you are not ready to give it.


Remember you are very anxious in making your marriage a happy one so you must be ready to do all those thing you should do to make it so, and making your wife happy is one of the things you must do.


                    Be Her Companion

Be your wife’s companion and her guide. Every Woman expects that her husband will be there all the time for her, that mean she is always confidence that no one can harm her when you are there.


Don’t scold your wife; learn how to keep your voice at a lower tune when you are talking to her. No matter what she did, they feel so loved when you understand this.


You must understand these steps to make your wife happy and to make your marriage a happy one.


5 Ways to stay happily married As Couples

If you have been married for 6-8 years now and you are still happily married, then you must be very gratefully to God for that; if not, this article is specially written for you.

It is absolutely one thing to be married and another thing to stay happily married after so many years.

Let me throw a little light to what I have just said.

In the earlier years of marriage, probably from the first year; things were going very well. There was peace; intimacy and joy between you and your spouse. Things were going smoothly But now, those things are no more and it looks as if it happening only in your own marriage.

Your friends are enjoying their own and having a nice time with their spouse

is there anything you are not doing well?

I remember one slogan that said “If you do anything and have a positive result, then if you do the same thing again the same way, you will get the same result”

Probably, there are things you were doing before that you are not doing now. I implore you today to look back to those good old days; you may see the causes of the current situations in your marriage at this time.

Yes you can

But, I have good news for you today; You can fix those holes in your marriage if you will work with these point that I have listed in this article,

they will make you stay happily married once again. Look back to the old days of your marriage:- I heard a marriage counselor said that at the earlier years of marriage, a man will offer his hands to his wife when she wants to cross a gutter (drainage), but as the marriage goes on, those things are forgotten about.

Now you even find it hard to open the door of your car for your wife to enter before you. If you could look back and try those things you were doing before, you could restore the things you use to see.

1) Pray together and stay together: –

Praying together is one other thing that could restore your marriage. It can only be by the grace of God.

Always make God first, and every other thing will follow suite. The family that prays together; stays together.

Every morning, afternoon and night hold your hands together and pray. Pray for yourselves and speak words concerning your needs and aspirations as couples. That’s when lines will start falling in place for you and your marriage.


2) Enjoy sex together: –

Sex is absolutely one of the most important thing in every marriage. It is the only thing couple share together with each other.

Healthy sex can make your marriage strong.

Learn to discuss about your sex life more.

Sex promotes intimacy, and lack of sex is usually the more reason for marriage break ups. Be ready to face the world together as one:- The bible said that “ one would chase one thousand, but two can chase ten thousand. There must be challenges in marriage, but it is expected that two of you could face it together as one and never invite a second party.

3) Believe and trust one another:-

One of the things that keep a marriage strong and happy is the ability to trust your spouse. Lack of trust brings so many other negative things. Examples are infidelity and quarrels.

4) Trust and believe in yourselves.

Remember this; it will not automatic, but if you continue to work with these, little by little you will start seeing happiness in your marriage.

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6’Smart Ways to have a happy marriage

Marriage could be either happy or unhappy. But I want to show you how have a happy marriage.

The most important desire or prayer of every couple is to have a happy marriage. This is because a happy marriage is more like a heaven on earth.

If you are making up your mind to settle down with someone, then you must pay a very good attention to these important tips that will help you, if you want to have and live happily married life.


(1) Make up your mind from the beginning:-

This is the first thing to do when you are planning to marry. You have to make up your mind that you will make your marriage a happy one.


This will make you stay focus on only those things that will keep the fire of love burning at all times. Write down those things in a piece of paper that you can always refer to whenever the going seem to be going tough.


It does not stop in writing down only, but you must commit yourself to making it come to accomplishment.


(2)    Start your marriage with truth: –

This is always one of those things that make a marriage either a happy or a sad one. So many marriages are founded on a false foundation.


Do not say lie in other to win a man or a woman, if you do, a time will come when the truth will be revealed then things will start to deteriorate and your marriage will not be the way it use to be.


(3)    Love and appreciate your spouse often: –

This is where some couples are not getting it right. They find it hard to appreciate their spouse in anything at all, but the best thing you can do is to love your spouse and show appreciation to any little thing he/she does.


It makes a person happy when people show appreciation. Choose also to use the word “I love you” often.


(4) Let your partner feel secured in you:-

Most couple are more interested in pleasing people outside than who they have in the house.


Doing more to outsiders will make your spouse think he/ she is not valuable to you. In that instance he/she will loose confidence in you. But you must make sure that your spouse enjoys you more than those people outside.


(5) Do not compare your spouse with anybody: –

Let your spouse be the only jewel you know. Do not compare your wife or your husband with anybody; after all you saw all of them before you choose to live together.


6) understand your spouse more: –

Always know and understand when your spouse is in the mood and when not in the mood. After the days hustle, your spouse may need some time to rest, you must grant that rest to him or her.


Don’t feel bad if he did not pay attention to those things you were saying during those times, think about what you will do if you are in his or her shoes.