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Does Marriage Counseling Actually Make a Difference When Your Wife Is Leaving?

By []Jacob Elichmann“Does marriage counseling work? My wife and I have tried seeing a marriage counselor for the past few weeks, but it doesn’t seem like it’s doing anything… What am I doing wrong?” If you’re like many of the lost and confused husbands in the 21st century, then you have...


Honeymoon Sex Guide: How newlywed can have great sex during honeymoon

Here is a sex tip for all the newlywed readers of my blog. These are answers to the amazing questions I get daily in my email from the newlywed about how they could have a great sex experience with their new love during the honeymoon.If you are one of those...

11 of the Best Relationship Advice for Women 2

11 of the Best Relationship Advice for Women

If you search the internet now for relationship advice for women, you will be amazed at what results you’ll get. There are thousands of advice out there on Google to choose from, the only problem is that, while most of the advice may not give you a clear guidance for what...

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7 Marital Issues That can Cause Separation/ Divorce

Every marriage has its own unique marital issues, there’s absolutely no relationship without one. Sometimes marriage becomes stronger after going through one issue or the other and sometimes there’s a disconnection, separation or divorce even when there’s a little issue. Sometimes it is not the problems that brought about the divorce...

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7 Signs of Unhappy Marriage and How to Fix it.

Many marriages are broken today, because the couples refused to observe or rather neglected the bold signs of unhappy marriage starring them at the faces.  If the couples have been observant, most of the problems leading to unhappy marriage would have been noticed and taken care of, before it affected...

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