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I don’t want a Divorce (One Important Thing You Must Do If You Want to Avoid Divorce in Your Marriage).

Divorce is the worst thing that could happen to any marriage. I hate divorce with all my heart and I know you do too. What usually comes to my mind when I see couples filing for divorce is this;: Is

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25 Bible verses about love and marriage you must know as couples.

There are more than several Bible verses about love and marriage in the word of God ( bible), but I want to share 25 verses I love so much and which will also help you as couples. Fact is that every

7 Little things that will make great changes in your marriage

If your desire is to make your marriage successful, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to achieve it, you don’t even need to strive so much also. There are little things you do everyday that will make great changes

Brand new romantic gestures that will make your wife feel loved

How romantic are you? That’s a question only you can answer. Can you believe that a friend of my lost his wife simply because he was not romantic. I don’t want you to experience that in your relationship, that’s why I

7 Ways of getting yourself ready for a happy marriage.

It amaze me so much how couples put all their efforts and time into preparing for their wedding, and spend little or no time at all getting them selves ready for the marriage itself. Things like how to take care of

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