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How to plan a successful (happy marriage) future together as husband and wife

Marriage is an important step in life, but having a happy marriage is what every couple must strife to attain. This is the reason why careful steps should be taking to achieve a happier and stable relationship for the rest

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6 Romantic displays of love your wife can’t resist

  If you discover that romance is gradually disappearing from your marriage, then you need to do everything to get it back fast. Believe me, I know about your busy and tight daily schedules like taking care of the children, your job

What Really Does It take to Plan a Fabulous Wedding on a Budget

Whenever you attend a wedding ceremony or pick up a wedding magazine, you’ll almost want to call off your own planning, because what you saw will make you think you have to break a bank to have something like that.Really

10 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid now

To all of you my wonderful readers who are planning their wedding, I am here to help you sought out so many things about planning for your wedding. You see, two heads are better than one. Because I care, I

100% Sure Ways to Make your Marriage successful

What is the statue of your marriage now? Happy or unhappy? Have you ever considered giving 100% self to make it much better?This is a question only you can answer. It took me time to understand that 50:50 is not

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