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The Dos and don’t of every couple that enjoys a happy healthy marriage

To maintain a happy healthy marriage is not that easy, yet it is not a rocket science. There are so many little steps and couple could take to rectify or solve the differences in their marriage if there is need

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Roles of a Husband in making Happy marriage.(happy marriage advice).

Having a happy and lasting marriage is not a man alone or woman alone responsibility. However, it is the responsibility for both couple. This simply means that everyone has his or her own part to play to make the dream

30+ highly sought after Happy Marriage Recipes you have never tried before.

Recipe for building a happy marriage is a very vast topic on the internet. It start from communication, trust, love getting committed, having a day or week out as partners.Here in, we have done so much to cover various

New Year Resolutions to Build a Happy Marriage.

2014 is gone and 2015 is here now. It is time every couple decides on how to build happy marriage.It is usally common for people to make resolutions about losing weight, becoming fit, finances, giving up smoking, giving up drinking

6 most amazing things your wife needs from you to be happy

It’s no lie that there are so many great differences between a man and a woman, staring from the way of thinking to the choices they make. That’s the reason it is sometimes difficult to know what your spouse needs from

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