5 Important ways to revive your marriage sex life

good sex, satisfying your spouseLack of sex or boring sex has become another big issues in marriage, which if not properly handled can destroy even the most happiest marriage.

After so many years in marriage, couples sex life becomes a routine, sexless or even boring, and one of the chief course of it is when there is a disconnect.

If your marriage sounds like what I’ve just described above, then don’t think you are alone, and don’t think your marriage is failing when there are lots of things you can do today to save it.

In this post, I will show you 8 things to do to revive your frumpy marriage sex life.

As a relationship coach, I have received so many questions from my clients about sex Like
– How many times can we have sex in a month?


– My wife/ husband are not always excited during love making. What should I do?
– My husband’s manhood suddenly becomes weak during sex?
– My husband doesn’t last long during sex. What is the reason?
If you have asked these questions too, then I have good news for you.


Whether your sex life has become very bad or just stating to wear out, there are so many things you can do stating from today to revive your sex life and get it back to normal again.

In the next 15 minutes ,I will reveal all of them to you.


Here are 5 things you can do to revive sex in your marriage.


poor communication skill, marriage killers,divorce1) Tone up communication :- Let me ask you this question : How good is the communication in your marriage?
From experience, I have found out that most couples are having slot of difficulty communicating with each, and It is even worse when the discussion is about sex.


It is either they are avoiding to talk about it, or they feel so ashamed to talk about it.


However, if you’re serious about saving your marriage and toning up sex in your relationship, then you should not be afraid or ashamed to talk about sex.


If you are not sure how to go about, then here are few tips to help.


– Always start on a soft note: start by telling about your plans to connect more closely with him/her and avoid blame.


Tell your spouse about your fears, expectations, your desire and your concerns and try to be honest about it. It is important you share your deepest feelings during the discussion, don’t hide anything.

You may not say everything immediately, just understand that you may have series of discussion, so don’t talk to long so it doesn’t become boring.

– Never be afraid to tell him/ her what you enjoy sexually and what your dislike.
Conversation is necessary for every couple who wish to tune up their marriage.
– Never talk about about sex problems after having sex, you can do that at a neutral time.


happy couples,happiness in marriage2) Create romantic atmosphere for sweet love :- If you want to enjoy sex with your partner, then understand the need to create romantic atmosphere that will usher you into it.

To create the atmosphere, do these things.
– keep everywhere clean:– It’s not easy to feel romantic where you can’t even have a little space to sit down, because of the untidiness of a place.
So tidy everywhere and make it convenient for passion to flow.


– Groom yourself :- Keep yourself fresh and clean, put on a clean outfit and wear good perfume too.

Sex was created to work with the state of mind and the environment.

Make sure you removed anything that can cause distraction during sex.



Wear sexy dresses :- This will help you to create the atmosphere of sexy.

Make sure your night wear is transparent enough to show the curves and the important places, and also make your male partner wear sexy boxers and underwear too.



– Never make sex a routine:- Most couple has made there sex life a routine.

They believed it is only during the bedtime or when the want to have baby is when there is need to have sex.

No! in marriage enjoying sex means more than that.



In other to keep your sex life from being boring, then you should be having sex any time, any how, and any place.
Make your partner look forward to having sex with you and yet he/she can’t predict when or how. Just be unpredictable.



quality time,happy couples3) Creating time just to touch:– Does that sound familiar to you?


Understand that your sex organs are not all you have when it comes to having good sex with your spouse.
You have your hands also.
Schedule some times just to touch yourselves without pressuring it to lead to sex. Caress, tickle and give each other a good “sexual touch”.



Have bath together, hold hand, and squeeze each other without expectations to have sex.



Some times all you need are those touches and suddenly the fire will be kindled and the result is a passionate love making.



  • Ask for those things you want :- I don’t mean you should black mail your spouse before you give sex. Absolutely no.

What am saying is that you should be open enough to let your partner know where and how to touch you passionately.


4) Know what turns you on and off, know what fires you up.


Everyone has different hot spots.
To some, it is when you kiss their nape, when you touch the breast or penis. Some enjoy it when you read erotic stories.



Just find out what your hot spots are and voice it out romantically.


Remember ,your spouse is not a magician to know all these.


It’s really good that you speak up, when he/she is not getting the job done, however, make sure you don’t say it as a blame, it can kill the mood.



5) Exercise:-Physical activities is paramount and can help you improve your sex life. This is because whether your body will respond actively to sex depends on how good blood flows through your heart, and exercise will help you achieve that.


Engaging yourself more with aerobatic exercise will help to strengthen your blood vessels and heart.


Obviously, having a good sex depends on how good your overall well-known being is, therefore have exercises often and see how active you will be during sex.



Finally:- If you want to get things work very well in your marriage, you should put more care into developing your sex life.

The areas I have pin pointed in this post are the good part to take when all you need is to revive your sex life again.

As for how many times couples should have sex, that depends on your agreement as couples.

8 Important decisions that will boost your Marriage

We take decisions daily, about our business, our studies, and other areas of our lives.

But sometimes, we forget to make decisions about our marriage.


Because we believe that love is enough to hold our relationship firm.

How wrong we are.

Love is is important to make a marriage strong, but it is not enough to boost any marriage.

It is those little passive things we do daily that binds the cord of our marriage.

Whenever we take new positive measure, things change, and decision taking is one of them.

If you make good decisions, you will see the impacts in your relationship, and bad decision will bring chaos.
Understand that whatever state your marriage is now, depends on the decisions you took of fail to take.

In this post, I will show you 8 decisions you will take today to boost passion in your marriage.

8 decisions that will boost passion in your marriage.

1) What Sacrifices can I make for my marriage:– Remember, only you can build or break your marriage.

Few people in this society cares much about whether you succeed in your relationship or not.

Its absolutely in your hand.
The decision to be committed to your marriage could be the best thing you can boost passion.

Commitment, goes with sacrifices.

You simply choose what to uphold in your marriage or what to give up.

Maybe you have noticed that some of your actions are detrimental to your marriage and you decided to drop it, simply because the success of your relationship is paramount to you.

Show me a healthy marriage and I will prove to you that those wonderful partners knows how best to sacrifice; and I know you too can do it conveniently.

2) Decide to see your partner as your true love and significant other:- The way you see your partner determines to a great deal the way your marriage will go.

If your see your partner as a friend, your only love and your significant other, then respect will not cease from your attitude, passion will be abundant in your mind, and love will grow stronger by the day.

But, when you see him/ her as a wife or husband, then you will treat him/her as the other person, and then you start taking each other for granted.
However, be sure to reinforce love daily in your relationship.

3) How much time to stay outside and how much time to be with spouse:- It is true you had friends before you got married. It is also true you sometimes have to spend sometimes away from your spouse and with your friends.

However, if your relationship is important to you, then you must decide to spend time with your spouse more than you do with friends.

Understand that spending more quality time with your spouse can only be compared to saving for the rainy day.

Each time you spend successfully together, helps to create strong walls around your relationship.

More so, when you spend little time together, then you are slowly building gap between the two of you.

4) Be faithful to your partner :- Integrity is important in anyone’s life, and it usually begins with the way you live your life privately.

You have to decide to be faithful because being faithful makes your marriage last longer.

If your partner see you as a faithful partner, he/she will become faithful too.

but one easy way you can destroy your relationship is to be unfaithful.

Being a faithful partner will give you a drive to work tenaciously for the success of your relationship. This is why you you should make that decision now.

5) How to save or spend your money:– Money is one of the greatest of all the problems in marriage and also one of the hardest to handle.

Mostly, the fight centers around either inappropriate spending or overspending, and most times if the situation is not properly handled, the marriage is seriously affected.

To avoid these challenges in your relationship, you have to make a decision on how to balance between your income and spending.

A good financial decisions will go a long way in helping your marriage become stronger.

6) Never keep secrets:– Trust is important for a successful marriage, and to earn trust in your relationship, openness and honesty can never be overlooked.

If you want your relationship to last longer, then stop keeping secrets.

Remember, if you succeed in withholding an information from your partner for a long time, when he or she finds out, they feel betrayed and you will never like your love to feel bad

7) I will make God my source of happiness in my marriage :- This is the best and the number one decision any one can make.

The book of proverb 3 verse 5 and 6 says

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths.

That simply means that if you will make the efforts to depend on God’s direction only, then everything will work out well in your marriage.

8) Making your marriage a priority :- It will amaze you to know that lots of couples now never give thoughts about their marriage again once they get out of the house in the morning.

All they care about from that moment is their work and the business of the day.

But, a good spouse that has the interest of the marriage in mind will always remember his marriage, his spouse and the children all the time.

He/she is always on the plan on how to make things worthwhile in his relationship with the family.

If you are the type that never cares, it’s time to turn back and make your marriage a priority.

Finally, Decide on what ways to help your marriage grow stronger, Remember, it all depends on you to do that.