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23 Red Hot Bible Verses to navigate your marriage Storms

Survey shows that every marriage goes through one challenge or the other. But, that is not what I want to talk about today. However, if your relationship looks exactly like what I described earlier, question is where do you go for guidance?– To your friends? – To your parents? – or...

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Couples Finance: 4 business Any couple can do from their bedroom

This is my 16 years in marriage, so I can conveniently prove to you that one of the cause of major problems in marriage related to finance.A survey conducted by Sun Trust Bank, using people in marriage or partnership reveals that 35 percent of stress in marriage .Obviously, money is...

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8 Common mistakes Of the Newlywed and how to Avoid it

Your expectations as a newlywed couple is to enjoy a blissful marriage till the end of the time. That is good, but can it be achieved? My answer is ‘No.’ Here is why I said that There will always be good times and bad times in relationships, however, all of them...

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