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Your marriage is absolutely not about your happiness

If you are getting married today with the aim of being happy, then you will be totally disappointed with what I am going to write in this post.Of course marriage can bring some of those happy moments into your life,

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7 Shocking! and Creepy signs your marriage is failing and how to save it.

It’s beautiful when you get married at a proper time, and to the one you are so much in love with. But, the real issue in marriage is doing the things that needs to be done to sustain passion in

100% Sure Ways to Make your Marriage successful

What is the statue of your marriage now? Happy or unhappy? Have you ever considered giving 100% self to make it much better?This is a question only you can answer. It took me time to understand that 50:50 is not

25 Interesting questions to boost your sex life.

 Do you want achieve a more amazing sex with your spouse? Then this is for youIf there is one thing every couple must hold firm in their marriage that is their sex life.Sex is an important aspect of every marriage

7 Healthy strategies: Secret tricks to make your marriage stronger

One thing every couple want so much is to have a successful relationship with their spouseHowever, sometimes the opposite is always what they get; instead of seeing joy, love and peace reining in their relationship, they have quarrels, hate, fight

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