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11 Subtle Marriage Killers we overlook in Our Marriage

There are so many subtle marriage killers we overlook every day which becomes a big threat later in our relationships.But, you are very carefulYou know quite well that infidelity, lies, money issues, marriage incompatibility are the chief marriage killers and

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9 lively life-styles of a happy husband and wife

No couple is created to be happier than the other, and yet all the couples are not created equal.If you are having a strong and happy marriage today, then you will agree with me that there is nothing like luck,

7 types of men perfect for marriage

I don’t know about you, but one thing I know pretty well is that every single girl’s desire is to have a good man as a husband. Someone who will be perfect for her, someone who will be there always when

What type of husband/Father are you

Every woman’s dream is to get married someday. However, their wish is not to get married to any type of men, but to get to a good man.They need someone who can be perfect for her, someone who can usher

7 quick wins to get your spouse talking to you again

One of the questions I get from my subscribers is this “I had a quarrel/ fight with my spouse and he has not been talking to me all the while- What should I do?’If you are among those that asked

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