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19 weird things couples do together that make them feel funky.

Nothing can spice up marriage like when couples do weird things together; it creates a very strong bond between the two. The happy couples understand this secret of doing things together very well, and they never stop in the way; not

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10 seriously useful tricks to make your husband fall in love again with you

Getting married is one part of the game, but keeping the fire of marriage burning amidst all the challenges and stress from the daily activities is where the main trouble is. How can you describe your own marriage now? What

Learn from the best: Celebrities shared the secret to their happy marriage

The divorce rate among the celebrities is nothing to write home about: just turn on your radio, your television set even the newspaper and the first news you will see is the news of one or two celebrities divorce. Why is

How to single handedly save your marriage from collapse

Do you believe it is possible to single handedly save your marriage no matter how far it has deteriorated? Have ever looked at the situations in your marriage and thought if things will be the way they were years back? 

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