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15 Highly Neglected Threats to our Marriage

Nothing destroys a marriage like not paying attention to those little marriage threats that rears its head sometimes in marriage, as well as not taking proper steps to avoid it or overcome it. The reason why there is a steep increase in the statistics of divorce is no doubt because of...

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101 uncommon steps to enjoy a good husband and wife relationship

Is it really possible for couples to have a good husband and wife relationship? Now looking back, how can you describe the relationship you have with your spouse; good, better, worse, nothing to write home about?That question is left for you to answer. Let me ask you again; are you...

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How to effortlessly locate a good marriage and family counselor;

Have you ever asked yourself how you could locate a good marriage and family counselor to help you get your marriage back again? Did you just realize that things are no more the way they use to be; and that those moments of love, joy and peace has been replaced...

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The truth about being more committed to your marriage

One thing couples neglects, that could turn their marriage around is getting committed to working on the marriage until it becomes strong again. They believed love is all they need. Of course there is no doubt about that; love is important; but love alone cannot do the magic. Love can make...

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