How to Have a Happy marriage with a narcissist

Happy marriage with a narcissist. husband and wife, love, divorceSo many articles have been written on how to have a happy marriage, but not on how to have a happy marriage with a narcissist. Today, I am going to give you a clear and easy steps how you could do just that.

If you are reading this article now, that means you a probably married a narcissist, your friend or someone you know married one, you are planning to marry and don’t want to marry someone like that. This write up will solve your problem.

However, if you are not sure of who a narcissist is, and then let me tell you a little about it.

Who is a Narcissist? –

A narcissist is someone who is always very full of himselves(self-importance) they love to dominate in thing like prestige, vanity and power. One thing about them is the inability to understand the damages they are inflicting to others around them or even themselves.

I am sure you now have a little knowledge of who a narcissist is. Does that describe the character of your man? Then you have nothing to fear. The step by step tips will guide you into having a successful and happy marriage your narcissist spouse.

   Steps to have a happy marriage with your narcissist spouse

Write down your reasons:-

It is not an easy job to live with a narcissist, but if you have made of your mind not to leave that narcissist you love, then you must take a note pad and a pen and write down 3 reasons why you love and not want to lose him or her.

These are the lists you will continually look at when the going becomes though and then get refreshed in the things you have planned to have in the near future time..

Your list may look something like this

  1. I have made up my mind to stay with my spouse through good and bad times.
  2. I know that my spouse is a wonderful person and will be superb in near future.
  3. As I remember the love that brought us together in the beginning, I promise to stand firm in my marriage.

Tell God About it:

You must know that only God has the power to change situation. Prayer is the only weapon we have to talk to God so why not tell God about your spouse’s challenge and believe things will change. It will definitely change.

Know what to negotiate with your spouse and the best negotiating style to adopt:

One thing the narcissist believes is that they know everything, and never go wrong. There may be some behaviors that will repel you, what is best for you to do is to overlook it, just allow it to slide.

Whenever you want to talk about anything, you must know the best time to do so and the best strategy to use. Always start your negotiations with the key convincing words. You have few minutes to get his/her attention. Never argue.

Tell your spouse how your marriage is slowly going down because of his/her lifestyle.

Don’t be surprised to see your spouse responding slowly to what you said.

Upgrade your self-esteem:-

It is obvious your self-esteem is challenged because your narcissist spouse is constantly wanted to have his ways every moment and not yours. Nevermind, just bring out your “Note” and you will remember that you are bent on having a happy marriage with narcissist.

Choose to say nice things to yourself at all time. That will help to re-affirm your faith in your spouse.

Rapping up

You must always understand that the change may not be imminent, but you are sure the change must come since you are committed in doing the things you are supposed to do to stay happily married with the narcissist you love so much.

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How to spend quality time with your spouse and enjoy a happy marriage healthy life

happy marriage, husband and wife, marriage,love,marriage wishesOne of the ways couples can enjoy a happy marriage healthy life, is by spending quality time together.
Tell me! How often do you normally have to share quality time with your spouse? Yes! You do spend 10 hours every day. That is good; but I am more concerned about the quality of the time.
Did you have more opportunities to share your dreams, your thoughts’ and your feelings the way you did when you were newly married to each other.
It is obvious that while some couples spend time together, most other couples usually does not get the best quality time that is really needed to enjoy a happy marriage healthy life.
Some couples today have understood that being married alone does not guarantee the quality of their stay together. Marriage is more about “making and taking” the time you have to share with your companion.
At the earlier stage of marriage, it is always very easy to achieve that, but as the year goes by, it starts collapsing. That is the more reason why some marriages has broken up today.
If you are interested in enjoying a happy healthy marriage life, you must make every of your stay with your spouse a quality one because that is very necessary and the most important part of any marriage or relationship.
It is all about having fun together and keeping the fire of your marriage burning.
Below are Some Important Tips to Help You Make good use of your stay with your spouse.
Make up your mind to Share quality times with your spouse:-

To keep your marriage strong and healthy, couples must make every effort to share quality times together as one. With the daily stress experiences by all, it could be very easy for couples to overlook the time they share with each other. This can make a relationship suffer.
My advice for you is to find a way to carve out time from your busy schedule and make it a point of duty to spend time with your partner regularly.
Take Your Bath Together:-
It is usually a fun to share bath time together with each other scrubbing the back side of the other. It will help you to be closer with each other.
Spend time alone:-
Make out time to spend quality time alone with your spouse without your children. This is an opportunity you may have to talk about the future, discuss your dreams and other important things that will move your marriage forward.
No Distractions:-
Whenever you are spending time with your spouse, do not let and thing distract your attention. Most people are fond of doing other things when they are discussing with their spouse. This may divide the attention.
Do House Chores Together:-
Spend some time doing the cleanings together. It helps to bond couples together.
One of the easiest ways to enjoy a happy marriage health life, is to decide that it is exactly what you desire and then plan on the ways to start working on it.


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The Dos and don’t of every couple that enjoys a happy healthy marriage

happy marriage,marriage wish,marriage quotes,husband and wifeTo maintain a happy healthy marriage is not that easy, yet it is not a rocket science. There are so many little steps and couple could take to rectify or solve the differences in their marriage if there is need to do so.
Having the high rate divorce and separation in the world today in your mind, you must think always of every possible thing you can do to protect and strengthen your marriage; never always want to have your way at all times. You must discipline yourself to do the best things that need to be done only. You must do those things that will be in the interest of your relationship.
Below are some important guidelines to help you make difference.
They Help each other to grow:-
Giving encouragements and exaltation to your spouse is very important in relationships. Most people love to be encouraged instead of critics’ and your spouse is one of them. Give some important advices where necessary. Even when he or she tries and fail, go on and encourage the more. There are some people outside there that are ready to encourage your spouse out when you fail to do so. So start from today you will see some differences.
They are Good Listeners and Slow Talkers:-
God gave every one a mouth and two ears. It will be more profiting and a good step to a happy healthy marriage if couples could learn to use our mouth and ears in that ratio of 2:1, that is Listen more often when he or she is talking and don’t speak until there is a need for that.
They Appreciate the Good Things Only and Be Quick to Say it out:-
Never take your spouse for granted. Appreciate those things he/she does well. Try to give him/her some gifts as appreciation.
They Never Claim to be right always:
It is not possible to be right and be married; the best you can do is to do the right things always than being right. They understands that it their duty to sometimes think about the other person more than him or herself. They believe in giving than receiving.
They Never Keep Track on the Wrongs:-
Most couples that enjoy a happy healthy marriage are not good at keeping track on the wrong things done to each other. They know best how to settle their entire dispute there and then and also throw everything to the trash there and then. They know how to avoid noticing the shortcomings of one another, they are only positive minded and committed on how to move on with their marriage.
They are More committed In Building their Marriage:-
One gets more result when he pays good attention to it. By making it a point of duty not to take your relationship for granted, you are giving it more life to live by. Never let the busy schedule still away those times you spend with your spouse, it is important to share quality time together.


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