Discover how having a Happy Marriage Depends On a Happy Wife

happy marriage, marriage a happy marriage, happiness in marriageIf you are looking for steps to a happy marriage, then you must understand that having a happy marriage depends on a happy wife

Have you found out one way or the other that your wife is not that happy again? Maybe from her countenance, you have found out she is no more cheerful as she used to be in the earlier days of your marriage. You have noticed that she feels unhappy now and maybe frustrated when she thought of what has become of her life. You can as well tell from her steps and actions that things are not rosy with her any longer.

As her husband, you are interested in helping her in any way to get over it, because you know that her happiness is your happiness and that every happy marriage depends on a happy wife.

In this article, I want to show you some very important steps that can help you make your wife happy again.

Researchers said that the very first key to a marital success is all about woman’s feelings and emotions; this simply indicates that the happier your wife is, the better your marriage will be also.

Women tend to do more in their marriage when they are happy and satisfied with it. Choosing to make your wife happy is all about making her life much better.

For accepting to be your wives life partner, it is now your concern to devote more time and attention to knowing the ways you can make her feel good and happy at all times.

Women usually feels happier when they are sure of their husbands care and appreciation of whom they are.

Make your wife feel loved by validating her on daily bases, show appreciation for those little things she did. Give her some surprises like flowers, write deep emotional notes and secretly hide them where she will see and read then, tell her how wonderful she looks whenever she put on a new cloth. This will make her feel more loved and they are the little things they need from their husbands.

Women as the weaker vessel they are always wanted to be sure that their husbands are there when she needs him. Make your wife understand that she is protected from the attacks outside because you are the husband. I said this because most men neglect their families, and prefer to do more outside than in their homes. Always have in mind that a happy marriage depends on a happy wife before taking any step.

Another important way you can make her happy is to give listening ears to her every time she has something to say. She will want to know how much you value what she says. So forget any distractions and listen to her. You can ask questions if need be and wait for the answers. Make her understand that the conversation is more important to you as well.

You can easily make your marriage a strong and a happy one using these few guide lines listed in this write up. It may not be a quick fix, but gradually you will see things changing and her happiness and joy returning back to her.

It is all up to you to take action now

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How couples could take care of their Finances to have a happy marriage

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This is the image of couples enjoying a happy marriage

The greatest expectations of every couple are to fall in love, marry, and most of all to have a happy marriage, but what happens when the issue of money steps in between the two of you. It is obvious that money can cause so much stress in any relationship only when we give it room to do so.
One of the ways you can reduce stress when you are (dating or married) is to be honest and open with your partner concerning their money, your money your money as well as the “couple’s money”.

It may be possible that you and your partner have some different views about money, so when you are truthful and open about how much money you earn, the way you chose to spend it and your other “financial priorities”, it will of great help you and your partner in protecting your marriage from any potential stress concerning money well as helping you in having a happy marriage.

Bellow are three Important Tips to help you Organize Your Finances properly as couples and how it will help your have a happy marriage.

Plan your budgets as couples:-

Planning your budget as couples is one thing couples must do if they really want to have a successful and happier marriage.
It is imperative that when you are making up you mind how you want to be spending each month from your” couples expenses “like utility, housing cost, and groceries, make sure you bear in mind about how much you and your spouse earns. The amount of money you earns determines your way of living. When you know about your income and your partners income, then it will be pretty easy to plan your couples budget in such a way that both of you could be free to have and enjoy your happy marriage.
Talk About You Spending Habit:-
This is another important aspect of getting your finances in other.
How and where you spend your money when you are single may be very much different than now you are married. This is why it is important both of you discuss about it .Have a way of tracking your expenses and income individually or collectively as couples.
Discussing about your finances and working on your couple’s budget does not imply having an account together with your spouse. It simply means that each couple is committed to contributing some percentage of their incomes toward the house expenses.
Understanding Your Individual Priorities:-
When you are sure about your” couple’s budget”, how and where you spend your money monthly, then it will be easier for you to organize your “financial priorities” as husband and wife.
Making every effort to work and organize your financial priorities can help you and your spouse to reduce stress and have a perfect and happy marriage.


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Ten things couples do everyday to enjoy a happy marriage

images1Whenever you see couples that have been married for a long time and still maintain a happy marriage, you feel so amazed at what they enjoy everyday to make it so.

Well let me tell you that what kept them together is not a rocket science, a closer look will show you that the secret that made them enjoy a happy marriage are those little things they do differently than those that have their marriage separated.

In every relationship, there is always a reservoir of good “feelings” and any couple that is able to fill their reservoir with those little things, is ready for those challenging moments in the future.

These are the things you can do to re-ignite your passion and make marriage happy once again.

Give Full Attention to Your Spouse:-

Never show disrespect to your spouse when he or she is talking, don’t be distracted by anything like your laptop or phone whenever you are together.

Never nod your head and mutter under your breathe when you are discussing or when your mind is far away with other thoughts. To have a happy marriage, you must give full attention to your spouse.

Take Care of Your Manners:-

Many couples tend to forget their manners and think there is no need to give little favour to their partners. However, you need to give favour, because they help in filling your marriage reservoir. Try to help your spouse in those domestic chores and other things.

Do Things Together:-

One characteristic of a happy couple is that they do things together as a team. It doesn’t matter what it is, they believe that whatever they do together helps in strengthening the bond that holds then together.

Give Support to Your Partners Dream:-

Another thing the happy couples do to sustain love in their marriage is giving support to each other.

The best you can do to show your loyalty to your spouse is to support his/her dreams. Any partner that cannot care about each others goals and dreams are not doing themselves any good.

Every happy couple cares so much about the dreams and hope of each other, they always ask questions and pay attention to know more, they cheer one another up and are always there when they are most needed.

Flirt Together:-

It doesn’t matter how long you have been married together, your spouse will always feel good when you remind him/her about those reasons you see him/her attractive to you in the first place.

Happily married couples never give up courting each other just because they are married.. Notice those new cloths and give your complements. Every couple understands that that the real relationship starts where the honey moon ends.

Always go to the Bed at The Same Time:-

Can you remember the earlier day of your marriage, when you could not wait to role into your bed with your spouse to enjoy sex? Every happy partners never want to go to bed at different times, they want to go to bed always at the same time, even when one wakes up to do other things while the couples sleeps and at that moment when their body touch, it makes them to “tingle” until they are both exhausted sexually.

Trust and Forgiveness must be Present if You want a happy marriage:-

There is always going to be moments of disagreements and arguments, but when other couples chose to fight, happy couples resort to trusting and forgiveness.

They Express their Love always:-

The word “I love you” is such a powerful word and it is important you say it daily to you partner. It does not matter how long you are married. Never allow these words escape from your mouth. It is a step to having a happy marriage.

They Share in Their Hubbies:-

To keep your marriage interesting, look for a common interest or hobbies to go after together. If you don’t have any common interest, try and discover some interests together. That is what the happy couples do.

They complement each other always:-

Happy couples know best how to give complements to each other. They understand how validation works and they never stop complementing each other on any new achievements.

Do you really want your marriage to be counted as a happy marriage, and then you must inculcate these examples into your marriage and watch it come back to life.

You can see from these points that the things that make a marriage happy are those little things couples do. If they did it and have a happy and perfect marriage, then you can have the same results also if you do the same thing. Now it is left for you do decide if you want to restore love, peace and joy in your own marriage.



New Year Resolutions to Build a Happy Marriage.

images2014 is gone and 2015 is here now. It is time every couple decides on how to build happy marriage.

It is usally common for people to make resolutions about losing weight, becoming fit, finances, giving up smoking, giving up drinking habit and other things. However, it is imperative for couples to have their own new year resolution on how to move their marriage foward and stronger.

Peoples marriage crumbles every minute, and researchers have said that 1/2 of the marriages that stood the taste of time carry the ” moniker ” of happily married, this is the reason you must make your own new year resolution to make your marriage extra ordinary.

Investing more on marriage should be one of the greatest plan every couple must learn to do this begining of the year. Great and happy family do not just happen; the couple that invest more in their marriage tend to enjoy more “satisfying and pleasurable intimacy with each other.

It is true new year resolutions tend to have gotten a bad ” rap” for not working out for people some time. However having a new year resolution can help you to streghten your relationship or marriage. One of the reasons why it doesn’t work for others maybe their inability to make other smaller plans that will help make it easier for them to achieve their goals.

One of the steps you must adopt to make your resolution work is to sit down with your spouse, get a pen and a paper, get two glasses of coffee, brainstorm together and draft the new year dos and don’t s of your marriage, having in mind what worked and what did not work in 2014.

Every marriage that want to shift from a sour relationship into a more happier and sweeter one must resolve to put  more attention this 2015 than ever before using these tips I listed below

Make your Spouse your Priority:-

In the world where there are so many things that will crave for your attention, it will be good to remember that you have someone that needs your attention more than any other thing and that is your spouse. This 2015, make it a priority to put your spouse at the top of every plan you make.

Treat your Partner better than you Treat your Friends:-

Some couples takes thier partners for granted and some times they find it hard to treat them the way they should. Have a check on yourself to know if you say things or do things to your husband or wife that you would never want to do to your best friend, if yes, then try to make some adjustments. Remember it will take some time to manifest.

Keep Passion Alive:-

If you think your marriage have become somewhat boring, if you do the same thing all the time and yet things are only going in circle, then the alternative you have is to change your partern. Chose to keep the passion alive. Do things that will juice up your marriage.Try some new hobbies or outing together.

Spend More Quality times Together:-

Many couples are too busy that they never give thoughts to the imporant things in their lives. Plan to spend more quality times with your spouse this 2015. It maybe having a more date nights or weekend out together,it will be appreciated by your spouse.

Forgive always:-

If you found yourself unforgiving in 2014, then you must do everything to forgive more this 2015. There must be trouble and mistakes but forgive as soon as you are asked.

Make your Sex Time number one:-

If your romantic experiwnces as a couple use to be passionate, then you have neglected it so much now that the passion is gone. The best thing you can do is to give more attention to it. Make plans for “sex dates”. Read some sex self -help books,watch sex videos and work on your sex lives.

Listern more Often:-

Learn to be a good listener than talker. You parner will want to know how well your interest is in whatever he/ she told you.

Have and Cultive one Common Goal:-

People want to do things that are of personal interests to then. However, this 2015 to build a more happier marriage, you must try and learn new interests with your spouse.

Finally, Remember to improve your communication level and appreciate your spouse the more.

When you share more time with someone, it becomes easier for you to overlook those things you do not like about them.

Always remind yourself of why you fall in love with your spouse in the first instance. Try to complement your spouse often this year.

Like I said before, it is not that easy to have a happy marriage, but making a new year resolution and.getting committed to working with it this 2015 will be a step forward in making your marriage more stable and more stronger.

Dealing with Infidelity The First step to building a happy marriage

images_3Dealing with infidelity and getting your happy marriage back is practically not an easy task. If you are not careful about the way you handle it, you may end up making things worse than it was in the begining, This has become a widespread in the world today,

Cheating has always been something one would never think it will cause a breakage in marriage, but things are no more the way they use to be.

It takes a lot of efforts and hard works to build a happy marriage, so when you are bringing infidelity into it, there is a chance that your marriage will go sour.

When you are dealing with infidelity, you would almost run wild with what you will do. So many questions will be coming to your mind; should you go off your marriage? Should you revenge by cheating on your spouse too? .You will be so confused on what to do at that moment.

However, this is where you have to take the best decisions of your life to achieve a better result.

Containing this new development in your marriage, you must give room to the process of accepting and dealing with the strong reality that comes with infidelity.

This will actually affect your life, but do not be afraid you could get over it and still move on with your life.

To contain infidelity in your marriage, you must have to cope with those pains that comes with your spouses infidelity.

Accepting your spouse does not mean you love what your spouse did, it means you believed it has happened and you must go on with your lives.

Accepting what has happened will give you the full strienght to think of the way forward, It is in this atmostphere that you learn how to concentrate on the best way to go in solving your problems, which will in return make your marriage happy again.

It may take you a lot of meditaions and visualization to get through your thoughts, When you are calmed,your thinking will gradually change which will give chance for the negative feelings to go, then you will be able to concentrate.

Though it may not be so easy for the feelings of anger to to heal, but you will believe that this can happen to anybody.

To deal with this infidelity takes time, however you must give rooms to let the recovery process take place and then to decide on what you want to accomplish as you move on.

One of the things you must decide when dealing with infidelity is whether you will continue with the marriage as you fight or whether to throw in the towel. However, this article is not about working out of your marriage, but to work on yourselves to restore the happy marriage,

Is your spouse going to stop cheating on you?

Will you have the power to forgive these actions of infidelity without affecting your feelings for your spouse?

The way you answer these questions will give you a step forward in solving the problems.

When you have made up your mind which way to take, then you may consider seeing a marriage therapist to help you out.

Remember, it is not going to be easy when dealing with infidelity, but let all your efforts be shifted to reparing and building a happy marriage.