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Reasons why Infidelity happens in a Marriage and it’s effect on Happy Marriage.

Have you ever had a feeling that your once a happy marriage is quickly crumbling because your spouse is cheating on you? Have you looked into his/ her phone, diary or pocket/ bag and noticed some unusual emotional text massages,

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How Infidelity Could Destroy your Happy marriage

There is absolutely nothing that can destroy a happy marriage fast than infidelity. Infidelity do not necessarily means that you are having an affair with someone else; when you develop an emotional feelings and attachment to someone else than your

Dealing with Conflicts in your marriage (Happy marriage tips)

Hello and Merry Christmas. If you want to have a happy marriage, then you must learn to deal with the challenges that come to you and your spouse. In this special Christmas edition, I have tried so much in describing

How to plan a successful (happy marriage) future together as husband and wife

Marriage is an important step in life, but having a happy marriage is what every couple must strife to attain. This is the reason why careful steps should be taking to achieve a happier and stable relationship for the rest

Fidelity In Marriage

The prevalent hedonistic culture in the world today, convinces people that the pursuit of personal pleasure outstrips all other considerations. Fidelity in marriage has become a casualty. Marriage which was considered the building block of society and bound two people

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