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Strong Marriage Advice (How to build Strong intimacy in Your Marriage)

EmotionalEvery couple must have a strong intimacy present in their home to go a distance. It is obviously the most valuable part of every marriage relationship. Any marriage that lacks it is as good as dead.
What exactly is this emotional intimacy and why is it very important in every marriage.
Strong emotional Intimacy:-
Intimacy occurs in when there is trust, good communication and good friendly relationship between couple and it allows you and your spouse to share the innermost part of your love together.

When there is emotional intimacy in marriage, everybody feels at home, wholly accepted admired as well as respected by the other spouse, and in return provides a solid foundation for marriage to thrive very well.


There can never be a strong and lasting marriage, without the existence of a good intimate relationship between the couples. How could a marriage thrive when everywhere is empty, lifeless? The couple will be at distance with each other, there will be no time to talk, no time to hold hands and even time to share feelings together.
I have seen so many marriages trying to go on without these feelings of intimacy, but over time, they crumble and fall. Marriages can only be held together when deep intimate emotional feelings are present.
If you are currently having challenges in your marriage, you should try ant get these feelings back first.
These are the steps that will help you get it back
Make Yourselves Comfortable at all Times:-
You have to figure out how your spouse loves to enjoy his or her time. Learn how to make your spouse comfortable any time you are together. Make him desire to be around you at all times.
Forget The Past and Move Forward: – If your spouse harms you in any way, always find a way to forgive immediately, and move on with your life. Do not bear any grudge against your spouse.

Spend Quality Time with Your Spouse: – Increase the quality of time you spend with your spouse. Make it unique and enjoying for him. Make him look forward to staying with you. Most couple feels sad when it is time to go home, because they never want to go to a nagging wife or husband.

Constantly Admire Your Spouse: – It is important you admire your spouse always. Appreciate him or her at all time. Everybody wants to be loved and admired.
I strongly believe these will help you in your marriage.