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More on what a woman must do to build a happy and successful marriage

There are absolutely loads of things every woman must do to make her marriage a happy and successful one. Women alone can not build it alone. It takes both the wife and husband to do it together, through their commitments.

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How Does it Feel to Have a Happy Marriage

Being happily married is certainly one of the most wonderful feelings you can ever experience. However, too many couples lose that feeling as their marriage wears on for a variety of reasons. Because feelings, even those of love can be

How Being Married and Feeling Single Can Harm your Happy Marriage

Its may come as a surprise that many people in a marriage still feel single even after several years. Such a feeling is generally not a good one as it works against what a marriage is all about. Recognizing that

How to Locate a Good Marriage Therapist

Finding a good happy marriage counselor or therapist can be the choice which saves your marriage. However, finding one that does not meet your needs can drive you further apart from your spouse, so it is important to find one

Things to Do if You are Not Happy in your Marriage

At some point, most married couples will go through a period where one or both are not happy with the marriage. The signs may be subtle or quite strong, but in any event recognizing that you are not happy happy

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