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Roles of a Husband in making Happy marriage.(happy marriage advice).

Having a happy and lasting marriage is not a man alone or woman alone responsibility. However, it is the responsibility for both couple.
This simply means that everyone has his or her own part to play to make the dream of a happy family a reality.
I want to quickly give you some tips on how to develop yourself into becoming the best husband in the world, if you are not so yet. But if you are already one, I say kudos to you.
I decided to share this because I know it is the recipe of every successful and happy marriage.
To become a wonderful husband, lover and friend to your wife, can not happen over night, it is going to be something that will constantly evolving if you will simply practice all I will share with you hare.
Now let’s get to it. Ok!
The first step to take is to be.


1 Honest – One of the main recipes for every successful marriage is to be honest to your wife. Saying the truth at all times should be the best thing you should learn.
2. Be romantic- Every woman in this world has a way of feeling loved, look out for your wives likes and dislike, and always find a way to express affection to her.
3. Give surprise gifts to her- Women cherish gifts, no matter how small. So always find a way to give her gifts when she is not looking forward to it.
4. Always be available- Learn to be available to her whenever she needs you. At times they get overwhelmed by children and other domestic works, do not hesitate to help out in some of the works. You can even choose to cook her favorite.
5. Be her confidant- Let your wife be rest assured that you are there for her at all times. Let her know that you are someone she can count on. Protect her both physically and morally. Be her complete backup in all things.