5 Things to Say to Your Wife to Encourage and Make her Feel Loved

You’ll agree with me that there are days when you’ll feel like you are down in the spirit and all you could need at that moment is some words of encouragements; if someone could just utter a word of encouragement, you’ll feel better.


Words really have powers and it goes straight to the heart.
If you’ve experienced what I described earlier, then your wife may be going through the same as I write this now and she could also need those words too. Ifyou could say the truth, you’ll admit that it’s never easy for your partner to be married to you, because you know sometimes you are not just that easy to deal with, yet she remains loyal to you.



Sometimes all she may just requires is for you to just say those things that can make he feel encouraged and loved

Some weeks back, I watched my wives countenance changed completely throughout the day just because I told her “I feel blessed to have her as a wife”, that I thought if these word could change her mood and make her do more for the marriage,then I’ll have to say more of that.


You can decide that with me and see what impact it will make in your wives life.


In this post I will show you some phases you will say to encourage your wife.


5 Phrase you can say to make your wife feel encouraged and loved.



1) I thank God you are mine:– Women love to be reminded of the impact they have made in your life, they want to know that out of all the women you came across, that you chose them because you love them.

Do not hesitate to tell her that. Therefore, go ahead today and tell her how you appreciates God for giving you her. she will live to cherish that moment forever.


2) I thank God for waking up by your side:- Nothing can compare with letting your wife know you appreciate her all the time, and she’ll feel more loved and blessed when you wake up in the morning, holding her hands and looking straight to her eyes you tell her you feel happy waking up beside her.


You will feel loved yourself if you say those words and mean it.

Then from that moment, watch your wife closely, you will see her doing her best with joy. Try that today.


3) I love you so much:- Most times we feel there’s no need of using the phrase ” I love you” for our wives, since we are not pursuing her anymore. But our wives want to hear that every time.
You may be buying her gifts, giving her large pay checks, the word I love you supersedes every thing.
Here’s what you should do now! Just call her phone and tell her how much you love her.


4) You are such an Amazing woman:- She will also want to know what value you placed on her.
Some men feels their wives are just there to make children and take care of the chores in the house.
However, if your wife is worth more than a mother and a house mate to you, then tell her she is amazing when she’s done mending the bed in the morning, making breakfast for you and most especially after going through the days stress with the children.


5) ‘You are Beautiful:-Try telling your wife about how beautiful she is every time and especially when she dresses up. Most men always assumes their wives already knows they are Beautiful and never needs to be told.
The truth is most women even when they are beautiful never feels so, because the world is busy telling them the opposite.
So you must tell your wife she’s beautiful always, because they want to hear that often.


You will be shocked to know that even the most beautiful woman wants to be told they are beautiful especially when they took time to apply facial makes.
Truth is that if you learn to tell your wife how beautiful she is from time to time, you’ll be making her feel heppy and be reliefed from pressures.


Finally, you should always look for the best words that will encourage your wife always and say them to her.you are there to complement each other and be the source of relief to yourselves.


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