15 Ways to be the Best Husband and Father in 2016


AIK UCHEGBU is a writer and an authority in anything that matters about marriage and how to build it successfully. His followers has been greatly enhanced by his findings. You will not be disappointed for coming to this site.

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11 Responses

  1. As a happy wife myself, I love some of the suggestions you have made. There is nothing as wonderful as a good marriage and it is worth investing some effort to get there.

  2. Great advice! I forwarded this to my husband, haha!

  3. heidi says:

    Good tips. A good Marriage must include alot of compromise on both sides to succeed.

  4. Beth says:

    You’re right, it’s so important to treat each other kindly and the effect it has in children is immense. Thank you for spreading the importance!

  5. Dani Adams says:

    I need to print this and throw it in my hubby’s face. LOL. Don’t get me wrong, he is wonderful. But there are points on this list that I think all men can take note on. Wonderful read!

  6. Tatyana says:

    I am not a wife myself, but there is so much truth in this post. I grew up in an unhappy home, due to my parents being in an unhappy marriage. If a man isn’t the man he needs to be for his wife and his children, he will live an unhappy life, and produce an unhappy home. A happy women is essential, but a man cannot have a happy wife, and be happy himself without communication and compromise.

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